3 Year Anniversary Celebrations

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to the week! If you don’t follow me on here or on my Twitter and my Instagram, then you probably won’t be aware that my boyfriend and I celebrated our three-year anniversary last Tuesday. Today I just wanted to talk about the evening and share how we celebrated our anniversary together. Mainly though I wanted to make this post for myself.  Tuesday was such an important moment for me in my life and one that will always be special, and I really wanted to write this post as a way of documenting this moment so in years to come I will always have something to look back on.

The reason why these anniversaries are so important to me, is because this is the first serious relationship I have been in. I got with my boyfriend when I was 16 and so it has been a huge part of my life. During our relationship I have grown and matured so much as a person. I know I am not the same person I was at the beginning. We have had so many great times together. We have some of the happiest and funniest moments together and we have been lucky enough to have experienced so many amazing things together and for that I know we are both so thankful. We have been on so many great holidays and trips together and I have been places and tried things which I never thought I would have. Not only have we been through all these amazing moments together, but we have been through our fair share of adversities and challenges. Although to other people, we appear to have the perfect relationship and never argue, I can assure you that that certainly isn’t the case haha! We both just choose to keep that personal and portray the best moments of our relationship.  For me, this relationship is very special because we have been there for each other through some difficult times. Honestly, I can’t thank my boyfriend enough for all the support he gave me when things went wrong with university and when my grandma died etc. they are just a few examples. I have never had someone care for me the way he does and look after me. It’s special. We have been on such a long and complicated journey but that just makes things so much more special between us.

I am so glad that I have gotten to share so much of my life with someone so amazing. My boyfriend has been a huge part of my life now and I am always going to remember all our memories together (the good and the bad) and know that I am lucky.  I feel like I could probably talk about this forever because relationships are something that I have learnt so much about and something that have helped me change and develop and so maybe that might be something I will write about in the future. Today though, I just want to celebrate the three years of us being together. Before I get into the celebrations, if he is reading this, which I mean he tells me he reads my blog haha, then I just want to tell him thank you. I will forever be so grateful for everything that you have done for me and for all the support and guidance you have given me. I love how caring and loving you have been over the years and how you have helped me through the difficult times. You make me smile when I don’t want to and laugh when I want to cry. You always encourage me and believe in me, especially when I don’t believe in myself and I am honestly so thankful that I have got to share the last three years with you. Thank you!

To be honest, as a couple we don’t make a huge thing about our anniversary. We don’t buy each other gifts or cards or anything like that because for us at least, those things aren’t important, and it is more just about celebrating our life together and celebrating our memories and experiences as a couple.  Our tradition for our anniversary is that we will normally go out for a nice meal somewhere where can chat and spend quality time together.

This year we went to a traditional Italian restaurant, which actually felt like you were eating in a restaurant in Italy, called San Carlo in Leicester. Over the past couple of months, I had pointed this restaurant out so many times to my boyfriend saying that I wanted to go there, and he surprised me by taking me there, which obviously I was very pleased about. Who doesn’t love Italian cuisine???

The restaurant was so unique and really nice inside. My only criticism is that it was so warm in there! The variety on the menu was amazing as there were so many different options you could pick from. The restaurant itself wasn’t too expensive at all and I personally think it so well priced for the quality of the food you get and the portion size. It is definitely one of my top restaurants when it comes to value for money. The overall service in the restaurant was lovely and the staff were all super pleasant and polite, which obviously helps you have a great experience.

Now for the exciting bit…FOOD AND DRINK!! I ordered a glass of Rose and my Boyfriend ordered a glass of Peroni (I believe anyway!). For our Starter we ordered bread which is traditional if you are eating a meal in Italy and it tasted so good. The bread we got was absolutely huge and was a pizza-base style with garlic flavouring and it honestly just tasted SO good! I LOVED it!!

For our main course we actually chose the surprise option. On the menu for £9.50 each you can order a pasta special. When you order a pasta special you don’t know what dishes you are ordering until they come. The chef cooks you 3 different pasta dishes which he chooses and then they are served to you on this massive platter which you then help yourself to and enjoy. For this option you do need a minimum of two people to order the dish because of how big it is! When our dishes arrived, we never actually got told what they were called but one of them was your traditional Bolognese sauce and pasta. The Bolognese sauce was AMAZING!! It tasted so good. I don’t know what it was about it, but it just had that little extra flavour and tasted SO GOOD! Would highly recommend if you go! The next pasta was a really creamy cheese, chicken and mushroom tagliatelle. Personally, this one was my favourite because the sauce was just so creamy and tasted so good. I absolutely loved this one. The last pasta dish was a prawn based pasta dish which also had a really creamy sauce. Again, I loved this one and the balance was just right as the fish didn’t overpower all of the other flavours. To be honest I would recommend all of them they were all so good!  The portion size of this main course was huge and, so we actually were too full to order desserts, so we just spent the rest of the time at the restaurant having a drink and chatting which was really nice.

I honestly had such a lovely evening and it was so nice to go out for a meal and celebrate a special occasion. It was such a fabulous night and the food tasted amazing and I highly recommend trying this place out if you can. I know there are a few on them in other cities across the UK. Thank you again for my boyfriend for a lovely evening and I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about adventures and experiences. It was so nice to talk about all the great things and we laughed so much at all the funny time. It really was a very special evening for me!

*Sorry that the photos aren’t the best quality, the lighting in there was soooooo bad. Also I will be doing an outfit and makeup post from the night very soon so I didn’t want to put any spoilers in this post although there are some up on my Instagram if you really can’t wait for the posts haha!!*

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. I know this post is slightly different to usual, but it was an important post for me because it was a special moment in my life. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life helping me every step of the way and the past three years have been amazing! Until next time. Much love,

Lizzie X

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