London: Day 2


Welcome back everyone! I hope you are all doing well and today I share day two of my trip to London with you. This day may perhaps have been my favourite day in London because we did so much and saw so many beautiful things.

Our day started off nice and early getting the tube to the Tower of London. This was something my boyfriend really wanted to see and so did I to be honest, just to a lesser extent than him because he was really excited. One thing I will mention before I go into details is that we purchased London Passes and I would definitely recommend these if you are going to London sightseeing. They end up saving you so much money you cannot believe it! Depending on how long you want to buy your pass for depends on the price. We brought a 3 day pass and it costs us about £85 each which sounds a lot, however, if you add up all the entry prices into the attractions you realise how much you save! Basically this pass includes 60+ attractions including all the mains one (doesn’t include Buckingham Palace and London Eye) and offers fast track entrance into most passes. It makes visiting the attractions so easy because you literally get your card scanned and walk straight on through. It’s so easy and simple and I would definitely recommend.

Anyway on from that, Tower of London was lovely and really nice to walk around, full of history and knowledge. Whilst there we visited the torture chamber, the White Tower, and the Crown Jewels. All of which were fantastic and definitely worth visiting. I couldn’t take any pictures of the Crown Jewels for obvious reasons but I will include photos of the Tower Of London so you can have a sneak peek of what it is like!

After that we went on the Tower Bridge experience. Although I enjoyed this I don’t think I would pay for it (it was included in the pass, pretty much everything I mention unless otherwise stated was haha). For this you climb to the top of the bridge and then walk across the bridge at the top over the water and road and in the middle of the walkways there are glass sections to walk over so you can see how high you are. I am glad I have done this and had that experiences, there just wasn’t too much to see or do!

The next attraction we visited was definitely the most memorable for me, maybe not in the way you all are thinking! If you don’t want any spoilers about the London Bridge Experience then skip this paragraph. But oh my God! It was definitely nothing like I expected. It was definitely the most terrifying experience in my life no kidding!  I thought it was going to be a show with lots of history and with the odd bit of horror where they try and scare but it wasn’t like that. For whole hour (the duration of the experience) I was so on edge and always cautious of where people were. To be honest the first half an hour was pretty much how I expected it, a show about the history of London Bridge with the odd bit of horror trying to make you jump. The next half an hour was something else. I don’t think I will be able to describe how scary and how terrified I was. The last half of this experiences you spent it trying to escape and you did this by following each other, holding onto the person’s shoulders in front of you. Before this section started there was warnings about having heart conditions etc not to go on but seriously… Unfortunately I was at the back too which was the worse position!! I am so grateful  by boyfriend did indeed in the end swap with me! For the last half and hour you had to escape and get out and avoid lots of obstacles of people jumping out and making you jump, breathing down your neck, screaming in your ears, following you. This included surgeons, clowns, and lots of people everywhere just randomly jumping out and following you. Seriously it was immensely scary. My heart was pounding and I was sweating and at one point I definitely had tears come to my eyes.  This went on for absolutely ages which felt like a lifetime and then just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse a man with a chainsaw (a proper one) chases you around. Well, I’m sorry but my that point I let go and ran for the exit as quick as I could. It was without a doubt the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I was still shaky and my heart was racing an hour after coming out! I mean if you love thrills,horror and some seriously creepy and scary stuff then this is for you, me however, is not this type of person and although now I can see the funny side at the time I was terrified. It was good and definitely unexpected. Glad I have done it, although not my thing so I probably wouldn’t go back on!

After that rather eventful experience, we took it steady and went to all the major shopping places (Selfridges, Hamleys & Harrods etc). I was really excited for shopping in London because I had seen pictures of the stores and heard people speak about it and I really did want to go! I loved going down Oxford, Bond and Regent street shopping and looking in all the stores and especially Harrods, that was my favourite place! It was absolutely huge. I never anticipated it being so big. I knew it was massive but no where near what it actually was. You could easily get lost in there haha! Would definitely recommend a little trip to Harrods if you get the chance! After a couple of hours of walking around all the shops, sightseeing  and feeling very exhausted we decided to head back to our hotel!

That was the end of day 2! It was a really great day, lovely weather (I believe it was 31 degrees) and very tiring. I had so much fun exploring and sightseeing, taking lots of photographs and having the scare of my life haha!

Thank you so very much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this little blog post! (Well not so little haha) I did have a very good time in London and I hope this gives you some ideas of places to go and visit! I will see you tomorrow with day 3 in  London and  a bonus blog post! Don’t forget to have a quick look at the picture below! Bye!

Lizzie X


Tower of London



Torture chamber


White Tower


Tower Bridge




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Stood on the glass on the bridge



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