London: Day 1


London Eye


The Mall


10 Downing Street


Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square



Buckingham Palace



St James’ Park


St James’ Park


Buckingham Palace


As you can tell from the title this blog post is going to be all about my first day of my trip to London. I have only just got back two days ago but have been busy with work and uploading all my photographs from my camera to get around to writing this post but anyway I am going to explain about my first day in London.

I was so excited to go to London. I had always wanted to go and see all the iconic places like the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower of London etc.  For travelling, we took the National Express Coach and it was really okay actually. The journey was fine and the coach itself was also alright and didn’t have any complaints to be honest and considering I hate travelling by bus I didn’t stress or anything like that. I know I could have driven to London but I really didn’t fancy driving around in the centre of London at all. I would much rather take the tube and so that’s what we decided on.

We got the coach really early and it took around 4 hours from where we were and so we arrived just before midday. The first thing we did was go to check our cases into storage because we couldn’t check into our hotel until after 3 but we wanted to go early to have a full day even though we were travelling. The storage was good and really useful as it meant we didn’t have to pull our cases around with us everywhere and we could relax the downside was that it was very expensive.

After we had dropped off our luggage we went to get some dinner at subway and then we went sightseeing.  We went around to Buckingham Palace, walked down The Mall, went to Trafalgar Square, passed 10 Downing Street to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and back through St James’ Park. We just spent this time walking around and taking photographs of everything that we went to visit.

After we had wandered around (by the way it was really warm although this was the coolest day we had whilst we were there haha) we then got on the tube to our hotel. I was really worried about getting the tube as I had never gotten it before and next time I am going to definitely get an Oyster Card for travelling. I really recommend one. We had held off getting them believing we could purchase them at the tube station but we couldn’t get a visitor one which is what we needed. However, you learn things don’t you? Other than that travelling on the tube was super easy and simple if you just spent a minute or so planning your route.

We stayed in the Double Tree by Hilton and it was lovely. I would definitely recommend staying here. It was a bit out the way about 30 minutes of the tube but the quality for the money you pay is most definitely worth it. Upon check in we got given warm chocolate cookies and the staff were all really nice. Our room was on the 4th floor and they had a lovely restaurant, bar and fitness centre.  We were super happy with our room too; it was lovely and spacious and for commuting the hotel was really useful as it was only a 5 minute walk away from the tube station and the airport. I was therefore worried about the noise but you didn’t hear anything at all it was insane really to say how close we were.

After check in and unpacking etc we just got back on the tube and walked around for a bit before getting onto the London Eye. Let me tell you this was incredible. We had already purchased our tickets so we didn’t have to wait that long in line at all and the views were absolutely incredible. The experience lasts 30 minutes and you get wonderful panoramic views all of London city and it was truly beautiful. I believe I am right in saying it was a highlight of the holiday for both us! Would definitely recommend going on the London Eye.

That concluded our first day in London and it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I will leave some photos  of our first day so you can have a look. I think we took like 600 in the 5 days we there so I will select a few from everything we did! Also if you want to see more photos from London then please check out my instagram where I have been posting so many pictures!

Thank you so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this blog post. I really enjoyed writing it and I cannot wait to write about all my other days. Thank you so very much and I will see you very soon with day 2!

Lizzie X


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