Exploring Portugal

Today I am going to share with you some of my photos from my recent holiday to Portugal! I had the most amazing time and had some of the best experiences with my favourite person ever and I will now have some of the best memories to look back on in years to come! I actually went to the Algarve which is Portugal’s most southern region. It was so beautiful. We stayed in the Aquashow Park Hotel and paid for bed and breakfast Also included in the price was free, unlimited access to the waterpark which was a 2 minute walk away from where we were staying. It was AMAZING!!

Other than relaxing around the pool and spending days at the waterpark, we visited some local towns Quarteira and Vilamoura, each for a day. Quarteira was a nice typical beach town but I am not someone who likes to spend all day, every day relaxing on the beach so it wasn’t really my thing but nevertheless we still had a fantastic day there.

Vilamoura was so beautiful and pretty OMG!! The town was so cute and quaint with lots of little shops and fancy bars and restaurants to eat at. It also has a beautiful beach but the marina was by far my favourite thing. It was the prettiest thing and I enjoyed walking around the marina, going in the shops, eating lunch and dinner at the fancy restaurants over the marina – it was so perfect!

We also did a couple of excursions too! One trip we went on was an all day cruise to experience the coast. One this trip we also got to see rock formations and go through caves which although scared me (even though I love water and not scared of that but really didn’t want to fall off the side of the small dingy boat and break all my valuables) was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so much fun and so cool to go through the caves. We then got to eat lunch on a private beach with only water access and headed back on the Dolphin route to see some Dolphins. It was an amazing day and I enjoyed it so much!

The other day trip we took was to Silves and Monchique. Silves was the original capital Algarve even though it no longer is and such a beautiful historical city. It was so pretty and nice to walk up and down the cobbled streets and go in the Cathedral and Church. However, let me know you this day the weather was 39 degrees and It was so warm walking around haha! We also got to see a Roman River and then headed to Monchique which is the highest point of the Algarve (900m) and got to do some wine tasting. The views from the top were absolutely incredible and picturesque.  Again another incredible day!!

Overall, Portugal exceeded all my expectations and I had the most fantastic time! It was so special and my first holiday abroad without my family. It was a holiday where I got to try things for the first time and a holiday I am for sure never going to forget. I have some of the greatest experiences and have so many amazing memories to look back on. I feel so lucky and blessed to have these opportunities to travel and see the beautiful world we live in and so grateful I get the chance to experience different cultures. Also, a huge thank you to my boyfriend for making the trip so super special and for us been able to share so many great times together. It was incredible and I am so thankful. THANK YOU!!

Portugal you were FAB!!!

Thank you so much and I hope you have enjoyed me sharing my experiences with you. Much love,

Lizzie X

Instagram: @thiz_is_lizzie_xx

Twitter: @Life_WithLizzie

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