London: Day 4

Hello! Welcome back everyone.I hope you have all had alovely day.evening and today I share day 4 of my trip to London with you all. We had another lovely day and again the weather was really warm and lovely.First place we visited was Westminster Abbey. For obvious reasons we wasn't allowed to photograph inside but … Continue reading London: Day 4

London: Day 3

Hello! I hope you enjoyed my little bonus blog post earlier and I am very thankful for the nomination for the award! Today I am going to share with you what I did on day 3 whilst I was in London. Again I was so excited for this day because I had wanted to go … Continue reading London: Day 3

London: Day 2

Hello! Welcome back everyone! I hope you are all doing well and today I share day two of my trip to London with you. This day may perhaps have been my favourite day in London because we did so much and saw so many beautiful things. Our day started off nice and early getting the … Continue reading London: Day 2

London: Day 1

Hello! As you can tell from the title this blog post is going to be all about my first day of my trip to London. I have only just got back two days ago but have been busy with work and uploading all my photographs from my camera to get around to writing this post … Continue reading London: Day 1

I’m back!

Hellooooooo!! Wow! Welcome back everyone! I cannot believe how long I have been away ( a week maybe just over). I am now back for a short period of time before I go on my trip to London and will be daily blogging again. For those of you who don't know I have just been … Continue reading I’m back!

Vacation at last!

Hey! Sorry I haven't got around to making a post today I have been super busy with work and sorting out other personal issues. My day has been so super crazy and I haven't had a moment to sit down. Due to everything that has been happening recently I have decided to take a week … Continue reading Vacation at last!