First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Palette

Hey guys! About just over a week ago, over on my Twitter, I tweeted and asked if you all wanted to see a blog post on my first impressions of the Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Newtrals 2 palette. I know this palette has received a lot of hype and that’s why I wanted to write this … Continue reading First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Palette

Uni Motivation

Hello lovelies! Today I just wanted to write a post about university motivation because after surviving first year, with probably half my time spent procrastinating, I know it can be quite difficult to get motivated and dedicated to your studies. I know at a few points during last year I felt like everything was too … Continue reading Uni Motivation

Random Q&A

Hey! I Hope you have had a fantastic week! Today, in this post I have chosen some random questions that I get asked and I have answered them. I really enjoy these sorts of posts. I think they are so fun and interesting, especially since I am curious and enjoy knowing more about other people! I … Continue reading Random Q&A