Pretty in Pink

Hello lovelies!

Since it has been spring and summer finally feels like it might be coming here in the UK I have really been enjoying pink. I think that pink is such a beautiful spring time colour and so I have been obsessed with creating a pink eyeshadow makeup look and also I have been enjoying wearing a little bit of pink on my lips. So today I am just sharing the products which have been my go to throughout spring.


First I have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I have mentioned this before and I am obsessed with this palette right now! I mean if you don’t like pink toned eyeshadows then you won’t like this palette but I think it’s gorgeous and has some beautiful shades with a good mix of shimmer and matte shades. It’s just the perfect palette for creating a pink look!

Next I have my Chanel lip gloss. I have been into wearing gloss recently and I am not sure why. I have either being wearing this one its own or I have been layering this on top of a lipstick. Either way, it looks incredible. Chanel products are obviously expensive but I think they are definitely worth the money! The quality is fantastic and the packaging is so beautiful. So simplistic and classy yet so effective!

Still on lips, as an alternative and for the days when I am feeling braver, I have this Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick. I am say for the days when I am feeling brave because it is super bright! It is a lovely bright pink and looks great with bronzed skin or natural tan and is definitely spring/summer ready. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I really rate the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. They are drugstore so really affordable but the quality is phenomenal and very comparable to higher end lipsticks. I love them!

For nails I have been obsessed with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail varnishes.ย I actually have had these for while now but I still love them. They are a great alternative to not going to get a manicure, which we all know is super expensive, and last so long. So if you are low maintenance with your nails then definitely check these out. You apply your colour of choice and I must say they are so pigmented and then apply a top coat and wait to dry. So easy but they look so good!

Other things I have been reaching for is my ever favourite rose gold Michael Kors watch. I love this watch so much, especially in spring and summer. I think it is just so perfect for the seasons and finishes your look off perfectly. Also, I just included one of my favourite mascaras – the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Black Angel Mascara. I love this mascara! It creates insane volume without being clumpy and really lengthens and lifts your lashes too. What more could you want from a mascara? LOVE it!!

Hope you have all enjoyed seeing my favourite pink makeup bits and pieces for the spring and summer seasons. I just think they are such as great time to wear a bit more pink and add a little colour to your makeup. Thank you for reading. Much love,

Lizzie X

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Gel Manicure at Home

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing well and today I am going to share my experience of doing a gel manicure at home. I am one of those people that loves having their nails painted and done but hates going to get them done and so always avoids going and ends up painting them. Although I do like painting my nails as I change the colour often sometimes I just wish I could have gels nails because they last so much longer and are so much less maintenance. ย With this in mind I went and brought a lamp and some gel nail varnishes and gave it a try.

The products I used was the Mylee nail lamp, a base coat,a top coat, blue sky nail varnish (this is so cool as it changes colour depending on how warm my hands are!) and some nail cleanser. I will leave links to all the items I used at the end in case you want to check them out.

Anyway I was surprised with how simple this was to do. It was really simple, quick and they are lasting so good! The Lamp is really simple to use and comes with two settings (120 seconds setting and an unlimited one so you can turn it off and on when you want). Personally I always just use the 120 seconds timer.

Firs thing I do is just take a bit of cleanser and a cotton wool pad and rub it all over my nails to make sure they are all clean and free of any previous nail varnish I didn’t remove with the nail varnish remover. After that I just give my nails a quick file into shape if they need it and then it is on to painting my nails.

So I paint my nails one hand at a time. So I will put a layer of the base coat on my nails and place under the lamp for 120 seconds (and it dries in this time – its so good!!) then I will apply a layer of the colour I am using, in this case blue sky, and place that under for 120 seconds. If a second coat is needed I will then apply another coat and place it under the lamp again for another 120 seconds to finally a place a top coat on my nails and set it for another 120 seconds. I then repeat these exact same steps on my other hand.

Honestly this so super easy and quick and I look the quality and finish I get and how long lasting they are. It’s so nice not having to redo your nails or touching them up every other day because they chipped. Plus I never get tired of making my nails change colours haha! (They’re purple when I am cold and bright blue when I am warm)

Overall, I was really impressed with how easy it was to do gel nails and have invested in some other colours to give them ย ago. If you’re a bit like me and like low maintenance but don’t like going to salon to pay the money like every three weeks when they need doing this is a good alternative for you because once you have brought the lamp and a base and top coat you can steadily build your colour choices of varnishes up gradually. I really enjoyed doing these and would definitely recommend giving them a try!

Thank you so much for reading everyone and I hoped you all enjoyed reading about my experience of doing a gel manicure at home. I will see you in the next guys!

Lizzie X