First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Palette

Hey guys!

About just over a week ago, over on my Twitter, I tweeted and asked if you all wanted to see a blog post on my first impressions of the Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Newtrals 2 palette. I know this palette has received a lot of hype and that’s why I wanted to write this post because all the hype over the product was the reason I went out and purchased the palette.


This is actually the first product that I have purchased by Makeup Revolution, so I really didn’t know what to expect at all because I had never used any of their makeup, so I didn’t know what the quality was like etc. Honestly though, I have been so impressed with the product. In fact, it has really made me want to go and purchase some other makeup items by the brand and give them try. So, as always, if you have any suggestions of products by them that I should try, then please leave me a comment!

I purchased this palette from Superdrug for £4 which is such a good price for an eyeshadow palette.  For £4, in this palette, you get a total of 15 different eyeshadows which is insane. There is a lovely mix between matte and shimmery shades, so you can create so many different looks. This palette is perfect is you love warm burnt shades such as oranges, burgundy and pinks.


First impressions of the palette itself was that it was beautiful, and I loved the colour range, so I was super excited to try them out. I cannot even explain to you, about how impressed I am with this palette. For how inexpensive the palette was, I really did expect much from the pigmentation, but I was SO wrong! The pigmentation of all the eyeshadows I have tried in the palette is insane and I didn’t expect it to be that good at all. I was completely blown away! They didn’t appear chalky either, which is a major plus in my books.

Additionally, they felt super smooth on the skin and blended out so nicely. Sometimes with really intense or dark colours you can find it difficult to shift the product and blend them together to create that seamless eyeshadow look that you are going for. I had no issues with blending any of these eyeshadows. In fact, I found it super easy and really quick. You didn’t really lose a lot of the colour pigmentation either from blending them out.  Another thing that really impressed me, was when I was applying the shimmery shades I expected a lot of fallout from them, but I barely had any which is SO good. I was so thoroughly impressed with the application of these eyeshadows. They went on really nicely, they blended out easily and the pigmentation is amazing. What else could you ask for in a product?

I must say as well, I was equally impressed with the longevity of the eyeshadows on the eyes. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow primer. I normally just use a bit of the same concealer I am using for under the eyes to prime the lids and they didn’t move or smudge throughout the day. They lasted really well which is amazing considering the price.

Overall, I am so impressed with this palette. I would 100% recommend you going out and buying this product if you haven’t got it already because I think you will love it.  For the price, I have not found any better eyeshadow palette and I genuinely cannot believe that this palette is only £4. I am absolutely mind blown by it. I think it is so good and I am obsessed with using it at the moment. I have worn it quite a few times now so keep an eye out for a future post coming where I do a get ready with me post using this eyeshadow palette. I am in love with it!


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you have enjoyed this post. Personally, I love reading and writing reviews because I found them so helpful if I am considering buying a new product. I always think it is a good idea to get other people’s opinions on products. If you have used this palette, please leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts and feelings on it because I would love to chat with you all and find out what you think about it!

Much love,

Lizzie X

You can buy the palette here.

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