Blogmas 2017 – Day 18

Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today I thought I would do a sum up of what I did Friday to Sunday since I was so busy, and I had a tonne of fun too. I hope you enjoy this post and like seeing a bit more as to what my normal weekend is like.

  • Friday – This day mainly consisted of my driving to and from the train station to pick and drop my boyfriend off. Also, I spent the day babysitting my nephew who is one which was so much fun, and I really enjoyed because whilst I am at uni, I don’t get to see my family a lot. In the evening, I actually went to do my last bits of Chirstmas shopping at Meadowhall in Sheffield. I love going Christmas shopping and I use to go to Meadowhall all the time, but I haven’t been this year at all, so it was a lot of fun.


  • Saturday – This was another early get up and me and my family went to Chatsworth House to see the Charles Dickens display in he morning. This was absolutely incredible and so worth going. I would highly recommend going if you can before it ends on the 7th of January and then we went to the farm shop and did a little bit of shopping. This was so nice for me because usually I work all day Saturday, so it was nice to have the morning off. Then, in the afternoon, I went to work, and I finished work at 9 so it was really cold and icy, which I am definitely not a fan of! After finishing work, I drove to my boyfriend’s and I got changed and we went to the cinema to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which I think I might do a film review on. That didn’t finish until super late and I don’t think we got home until gone 2am.

  • Sunday – I was so tired this day!! I cannot even tell you! I had been getting up super early both Friday and Saturday and had really full days both days, so I was already feeling it this day. After not getting home until 2am and starting work early Sunday morning, I was tired. Sunday, I worked all day and finished at around 4:30 so I got home at about 5. Then I was just rushing around getting ready to go to my work’s Christmas Party. I left quite late and I don’t think I got to sleep properly until almost 4am and I was up by 9am this morning so again still not had any proper sleep. The work party was so much fun, and we laughed so much, and the Secret Santa gift swap was really cute.

Overall, I have had a fantastic weekend! It was so much fun and filled with so many great things. I am so super tired and not looking forward to working all week and writing uni assignments now. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed. I think I am going to do some of these events as separate blog posts, so I can explain in more detail about the events because I had so much fun! Anyway, that’s all for today blog post and I will see you tomorrow.  Much love,

Lizzie X

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017 – Day 18

  1. Tiffany Wright says:

    Oh my gosh! I can relate to the sleep-deprived days too. I have vacation now thank goodness but in college I’d walk around campus very moody because I can’t last when I’m sleep deprived lol. I’m glad you got to see the Last Jedi; also, I can also relate to being in theaters really late. I thought me and my family were the only weirdos who did that hahah. Especially with a tot empty theater all to ourselves, you know? Merry Christmas, and I enjoyed your post. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At Lifestyle Crossroads says:

    Did you like the Star Wars movie? I’m thinking of watching it these days… your weekend looks pretty busy, it’s interesting to read about your daily life though! happy holidays !

    Liked by 1 person

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