Blogmas 2017 – Day 14

Hello Lovelies,

It is getting close to Christmas now. Just over a week to go! I thought today that I would share my favourite things about Christmas and my favourite things about the holiday.

  • Christmas Trees – I love our family Christmas tree so much. It for me is always symbol of so much love, joy and happiness. It is so exciting decorating it every year and there is just something so peaceful and nice about sitting around the tree and looking at all the beautiful decorations and lights.


  • Hot Chocolate – I am obsessed with hot chocolate this year and what time of year is better to enjoy a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. The festive season is definitely the best time of the year for it. I do drink it all year around though haha!



  • Christmas jumpers – I love wearing festive jumpers. I think they are so cute and such a good way to share the holiday spirit. It always makes me feel so festive and I love that.


  • Christmas music – Who doesn’t love Christmas songs? They get you in the best mood and I love listening to Christmas songs whilst I am busy baking or relaxing over the Christmas season. Well that use to be the reality but now I work in retail I really don’t get that many days off and in all honesty, we play the same songs repeatedly ahah!



  • The season for giving – I love the holidays because it always brings out the best in people. It is always so important to remember those who are less fortunate and is always a good thing to help other out. Christmas is the season of giving and necessarily about presents either. It is about helping others, spending time with people who love you and spreading happiness and positivity. Being there for people and giving them, your time is the best gift of all and I think that is such an important lesson to learn by every day of your life.


  • Spending time with friends and family – This is by far the best thing about Christmas. It is most wonderful feeling to gather with family, friend and all those dear to you and jut simply remember how lucky we are. It really reminds you that you always have people who love you and take care of you and that is the most fantastic feeling. Being loved and cared for is the greatest thing a person could ask for and I love making the most of seeing people of the festive season especially since I am away at uni now.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed hearing about some of my favourite things about the season. Of course, there are so many more things that I adore about the season, but it really is the most magical and wonderful time of the year, but these are just some of my absolute favourites which I look forward to every year. Leave me a comment letting me know what you favourite thing about the holidays are and I will see you very soon. Much love,

Lizzie X

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