12 Things – Week 6

Hello lovelies,

Happy Monday! I hope you all having a fantastic start to your week. Apologies that this blog post didn’t go up Friday; I have just been so ill that I didn’t have the energy to write this post. I am still not much better, but I hate missing a post, so it is going up today and I am sorry that it is late. If you haven’t been reading my blog recently, every Friday I have started doing a weekly up-date, so I can just chat with you all about my week and general things which are happening. Also, it is so nice for me to read the posts back, so I know what I was doing that week.

  1. Blogmas starts on Friday, so I have been busy writing and preparing posts. I am excited for Blogmas because I haven’t done it before, but it also means I am nervous because I don’t know how stressful it will be or hard to keep up on, especially with being at uni full-time and working a part-time job. Either way, I hope you are all excited for my Blogmas posts.
  2. Also, Am I the only one who hasn’t started Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t started and it’s really beginning to stress me out. I feel like it I have left it later than I usually do.
  3. This Friday, I am going to see Scouting for Girls in concert and I am beyond exited. I cannot wait! They are one of my absolute favourite bands and I am so excited to see them perform live. It is going to be such a fantastic night.
  4. Also, next Monday I have a presentation which I am absolutely dreading. I am not even going to pretend like I am not. I am a very shy person and, so I find presentations difficult and overwhelming. I really struggle with them, so I am not looking forward to it at all.
  5. I received my first marked assignment back from uni this year and I am so thrilled because I got a first on it. I was so happy when I got that mark back because I didn’t expect it at all as the assignment was so challenging and something which I had not had to do before. Nevertheless, I am so happy with the result and hope it continues for the rest of the year.
  6. Speaking of uni, after this week, I only have two weeks left and then first semester is over. I cannot believe it! It has gone so quick and I cannot believe that in two weeks-time, I will officially be half way through my university time. It is going by so quickly.
  7. Every night this week, I have been watching I am a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here and I have been absolutely loving it. I always look forward to watching it and this year has been no exception. Let me know if you have been watching it and if so who your favourite person in the jungle is.
  8. As I have mentioned, I have been this week. I came down with really bad flu and I am still suffering. It has been absolutely awful, and I cannot wait to recover. Being ill, honestly prevents you from doing so much because you physically just don’t have the energy. Hopefully I will recover soon!
  9. Work was so much busier than usual with it being Black Friday weekend. It has been so busy and tiring and I honestly cannot wait for a day off but that won’t be until after Christmas now haha.
  10. I went shooting some photos this week, before I came down with the flu and I think they have turned out super cute, so hopefully a blog post with them will be up soon. I have already started posting some on my Instagram, so if you want to have a look then you can do over there. The link we will be at the bottom as usual.
  11. I think it was Thursday, but I could be wrong, but I reached 3K on my Twitter which I was so happy about. I am so thankful and appreciative of all your support and it really does mean so much to me. I cannot even explain. Every time someone reads my blog, or likes it, or comments, or follows my Twitter or Instagram is honestly means so much. I love you all so much.
  12. My last point, is a random one but I suppose all of my weekly updates are but I a currently been obsessed with eating apples and oranges. I have been having one every day with my breakfast and have just been loving it. They taste so good.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed reading. Leave me a comment letting me know what you have been up to this week. Until next time. Much love,

Lizzie X

Twitter: @Life_WithLizzie

Instagram: @libwalton_9

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18 thoughts on “12 Things – Week 6

  1. PAE Reviews says:

    You’ve had so much going on. I do hope you feel better, being sick is awful. Congratulations on 3k twitter followers and your uni assignment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our Little Mountain Tribe says:

    Sounds like you have been busy. We have been busy, recuperating the “after stress” of thanksgiving, and preparing for the plans of our vacation in 17 days. Catching up on errands and enjoying our days off of the girls homeschool with fun cooking activities and science experiments ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

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