Top 3 Current Favourite Drugstore Mascaras


Hello lovelies,

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you. Today I thought I would share with you, current favourite drugstore mascaras. If you know me at all, you will know that mascara is my favourite makeup product and is probably the product which I try out the most. I have discovered some amazing mascaras in the drugstore and, so I am going to share them with you today.

  1. L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara £7.99 – I tried this mascara not too long after they L’Oréal had brought it out. L’Oréal is one of my favourite drugstore brands because the quality is amazing, but their products was so affordable. I was so excited when this was launched, and I absolutely love it. It is just so good and is everything you could ever want in a mascara. It gives your lashes insane volume, holds a curl which lasts all day and lengthens your lashes so much. If you haven’t tried this out, then you should do. I would highly recommend, and I am almost out of this product, so I am definitely going to be popping into Boots to repurchase.


  1. L’Oréal Miss Manga Mascara £7.99 – Another L’Oréal mascara, which is probably no surprise to any of you. I have been using this one for the past 6 months and I haven’t stopped loving this. I still love it as much now as I did when I first tried it. This is so similar to the Baby Roll mascara but just adds a slightly different dimension to the lashes because the wand is more flexible and didn’t shape so it helps amplifies the lashes at the roots more. Again, this mascara adds insane volume to your lashes. It holds a lovely curl, although the Baby Roll probably holds the curl better which isn’t really any issue for me because my lashes aren’t really straight and flat, but this still does any incredible job. My favourite part of this is the length and dimension it adds to your lashes. I absolutely love the overall look this mascara gives and would highly recommend this if you haven’t already.


  1. Maybelline Rocket Mascara, very black £7.99 – This is a new mascara for me and one which I purchased fairly recently. I have got on with this mascara so well and I have been obsessed with this mascara since I first tired it about a month ago. The wand of this really easy to use and adds a tonne of volume to your lashes. If you want a mascara to add volume, then this is the one for you. I haven’t any issues with it becoming clumpy either (I don’t with any of these three mascaras which is so nice) and it just really smoothly applies to your lashes and quickly builds volumes. It also adds great length to your lashes, but I have noticed it doesn’t hold the curl as well as the L’Oréal ones. This is still a great mascara and I would recommend this one to people with short lashes who really wants to add some volume.


Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you have found this post somewhat useful or interesting. As you can tell all these mascaras are super inexpensive, but I think are great quality and provide fantastic results.  They are readily available as well in Boots and Superdrug and I just find myself keep reaching for these three mascaras on a daily basis. Leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite drugstore mascara is but also if you would like to see me do a high-end version of this because my absolutely favourite mascara falls into this category. I use it every single time I have a special event or date because you cannot beat it, so let me know if you would like to hear my opinions and thoughts on some of the more expensive mascaras. Until next time. Much love,

Lizzie x

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22 thoughts on “Top 3 Current Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

  1. skincarestruggles says:

    I love Essence mascaras – I think they’re some of the cheapest, but best drugstore mascaras that I’ve tried. And I would love a high end version since I’m always looking for new ones to try. I feel like mascara is something I go through so frequently that I really enjoy trying out new ones every once and a while 🙂 Great post! I nominated you for both the Versatile Blogger and Blogger Recognition awards!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PAE Reviews says:

    You know I’ve never paid much attention to mascara. I use it but I don’t think I could even tell you the name of the current one I’m using lol. It’s like I do worse than the bare minimum of makeup 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. holliesblog854 says:

    My favourite drugstore mascara is the L’Oréal false lash telescopic mascara, it’s slightly more expensive than other L’Oreal mascara however it’s so worth it. You need to try it 🙂 L’Oreal is my favourite drugstore brand also! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      I have tried it a while ago and yes I love that also! I find it gives great length but just doesn’t add as much volume to my lashes as I would like, especially not like these other two but thank you so much! And yay!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. leilanicheeakwai says:

    My favourite Mascara is the new lash paradise by L’Oreal, I also love the Lash Sensational by Maybelline. It is hard to choose between these two!

    Liked by 1 person

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