12 Things – Week 5

Hello Lovelies,

I am sorry that I missed a post on Wednesday but I have been so busy that I was just so exhausted and I need a night off to myself. Anyway, its Friday now and the weekend is nearly upon us so it is time for my weekly update.

  1. I was so relieved to get my assignments sent off this week. I have been so busy for the past three weeks constantly reading and writing assignments and so I am finally glad that I have got a week off before I need to start preparing for my next ones.
  2. I am so excited for the Christmas season already. I love how all the shops are so festive now and that all the festive drink menus are out. I just love this time of the year.
  3. Speaking of the festive drinks menu, I went to starbucks and tried the Gingerbread Latte. OMG! It was amazing and tasted so good. I love going for a coffee and just sitting and catching up with friends.
  4. I am have regularly been going to the gym this week and I think that has really helped relieve stress and tension from work and uni. I have come to love going to the gym so much and it really does make the biggest difference to my day and my mind. I love it.
  5. I have also started drinking lemon water in the morning, which honestly makes the biggest difference to your day. It is so refreshing and really wakes you up in the morning.  Not to mention it has so benefits for you mind and body. If you would like to see a post on this then let me know.
  6. I have got a few blog post prepared for blogmas already and I have some prepared for next week as well which I am so excited to photograph and write.  I can’t wait for you see them all in December.
  7.  Last night, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner to Nandos. This was so nice and the break I needed after a stressful past few weeks. I have been so out of things recently and it nice to have a bit of mornality.
  8. Every night before going to bed, I have been having a hot chocolate and have been watching Suits. I love Suits so much that I have been rewatching all the episodes and I have also got my Boyfriend to finish watching them. Leave me any suggestion, letting me know if you have any recommendations.
  9. I feel like I have been really struggling recently to enjoy reading a isde from uni. I read for uni all the time because it is necessary but I really enjoy reading for pleasure to but it just seems so difficult to enjoy reading because I read all the time for uni. Does anyone have any tips to help separate this?
  10. I really need to start Christmas shopping. I seem to be leaving everything so late but I just haven’t had time to go into town and shop. Hopefully in this week break, I can be productive and get some things organised and prepared ready for Christmas and also get prepared for my following assignments.
  11. Every week on a Wednesday I have been having a pampering evening which I have been thoroughly enjoying. My skin has been better and have felt better. Although this week I have been having a hormonal break out. I never used to get these until about 5 months ago but now I get them all the time . Does anyone have any ways of dealing with this or suggestions on what skincare products to use?
  12. Lastly, this week has been an emotional one for me but I want to thank you all for your support. You are always so kind and supportive across all of my social media. I am so close to 3k on Twitter and 1.5k on Instagram and even though numbers don’t matter, I just really appreciate having so many of you to rely on and support me. Thank you all so much!

Thank you for reading and as always I hope you have enjoyed this weekly update.  Leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite part of your week is and also what sort of blog posts you would like to see on here in further.  Until next time. Much love,

Lizzie X

Twitter: @Life_WithLizzie

Instagram: @libwalton_9

Bloglovin’: @LifeWithLizzie

22 thoughts on “12 Things – Week 5

  1. Lieke says:

    to number 9: I have the same problem, I don’t read very quickly especially if it’s a book I have to read for uni. I use audio books while reading it to keep me going and get less destracted by other things. Maybe it helps! x

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  2. PAE Reviews says:

    I’ve started drinking lemon water too. I got into a habit of drinking a lot of Gatorade so now it’s hard for me to drink water plain. That splash of lemon helps so much

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  3. simplyshaiz says:

    I keep reading about this lemon water but I have never tried it. I love the idea of weekly pampering sessions that sounds lovely. I already follow you on here and Insta and twitter as well hope you get to 3k 😙

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  4. Everydaylifegirl says:

    I wanted to say that you shouldn’t apologize for not putting up a blog post because I’m sure people would understand. Too often we as women say sorry for unnecesary things. Must be that time of the month for me, so that’s why I feel that way 😂 Oops 😛 When it comes to getting pimples, then try to be very mindful of what you do. It might not be the case for you, but some people can break out from dairy. Another is stress. Everyone experiences stress to some degree. Managing it is crucial not only for your skin, but overall well-being. What a person says to themselves matters! Negative thoughts can cause pimples too and negative people/situations. To be around that a lot is bound to reflect on a person’s skin. Make sure to always wash your phone as regularly as you can and your makeup brushes too. I could go on and on with what causes pimples because I have experienced this all too well 😛

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    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate it! And yes I know you can breakout from so many things but mine is hormonal on the week when it is that time of the month! So I just wondered if there was any skincare problems suitable for that issue but thank you anyway

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