My Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Colours

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to another blog post. Today I wanted to do a post talking about my favourite autumn/winter nail varnishes. Technically the autumnal nails are still fine because it is not quite winter yet, but even, so they are still appropriate for the winter season as well! I love having beautifully painted nails and I have definitely been trying to match my nail varnish colours to my outfits recently.


  • Revlon shade 180 Tempt – A silver nail varnish is so appropriate for this time of year especially now we are approaching the festive season. This is probably a subtler colour than the other ones, but still equally as cute. This nail varnish is a brilliance shine one and it definitely add a beautiful dimension to your nails.


  • Rimmel shade 820 Hot Black To Go – I honestly don’t think you can beat a plain black nail varnish at this time of year. Everything is so dark and dull, and I know my clothes at this time of year are definitely more grey, black and white. I just find that this nail varnish completes your outfits and ties everything all together whilst looking really classy and simple.


  • Barry M shade Moonlight 439 – This is a really fun glittery nail varnish which you can wear on its own, but I personally enjoy wearing it on top of another shade. It adds a little fun and dimension to your nails and I usually just paint my ring ringer with this sparkly nail varnish to add a little something else. It has wonderful red and silver sparkles and stars inside and so will be so appropriate for Christmas parties!


  • Marks and Spencers shade Wine – Although this is definitely an autumnal shade, it is still so appropriate for the winter season. It is such a beautiful deep red shade and matches so nicely with plaid scarves which are essential in the colder months and really just adds a bit of Christmas sparkle and colour to your outfit.


  • Estee Lauder shade 88 Amethyst – This one has been my absolute favourite. I am completely obsessed with this colour right now and I know I am going to continue wearing this so much. It’s a gorgeous shimmery purple shade which looks stunning on and makes your nails look so perfect. I can’t tell you how much I love this colour. You definitely need to try this!


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post whilst giving you some nail inspiration for the coming months. If you have any favourite autumn/winter nail varnishes which you think I should try, then definitely leave me a comment because I am always looking for new nail varnishes to try. Until next time. Much love,

Lizzie X

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36 thoughts on “My Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Colours

  1. Ellie says:

    They look awesome! I love to add a couple of dark purples in there for winter too! I must do one of these posts for summer!
    Ellie x 💖🌸✨

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