12 Things

Hey lovelies!

Recently I have seen this blog post on Amber Fillerup’s blog and also on Aspyn Ovard’s blog and I thought it was a really cool idea and a great way of just doing a weekly update and just chatting about general things. The principle of the post is so simple. You basically just state 12 things.  12 random things. I just thought this would be a really fun way for me to document 12 mini snippets of my week, every week so I always have something to look back on and remind me of what I did.

  1. So far, this year at university, there is definitely more reading than last week. I always have a tonne of reading to be doing. In fact, I now have about 14 readings for my seminars each week, which I can tell you is so much!
  2. I have really been enjoying the gym as well. I have definitely noticed a general difference in my health overall and it really has helped me relieve stress and tension and clear my mind/thoughts. I am actually thinking of increasing the amount of times I am going a week because I have just found that it has helped me mentally so much.
  3. I have been obsessed with wearing my new suede effect jacket from New Look. I have been wearing it pretty much every day and I just think that is so cute and comfy.
  4. Another thing I have been loving is hot chocolate. Normally I have a cup of tea all the time but I have  hardly had any since being at uni and I have been all about having a hot chocolate in the evening whilst snuggling up under the duvet/blanket and watching either Mad Men or a film.
  5. Speaking of Mad Men, that is pretty much the only thing I am watching at the moment. My boyfriend had been trying to get me to watch it for the longest time and I finally gave in and said yes, even though I kept saying I wouldn’t like it, but as much as I hate to admit it, because he was right haha, I am obsessed with watching it at the moment and really enjoying it. I have watched the first five seasons in 3 weeks…
  6. My go to snack at the moment is yoghurt and fruit. I am all about having some raspberry flavoured yoghurt with some grapes. It is so delicious and I eat it every single day! In general I have just been eating a tonne of fruit and it has been really nice.
  7. My go to makeup remover I am using at the moment is the Clinique Take the day of cleansing milk and just love how soft and clean it leaves my skin feeling. It is very minimal effort as well which is perfect if you are staying over at somebody’s house because you only have to take the one product with you to remove your makeup and you are all sorted.
  8. My boyfriend and I are going to be celebrating our three-year anniversary on the 24th of this month and I am so excited about that! We don’t usually make a thing of our anniversary but this year we just thought we would do something different. I mean I don’t know what that is yet but I guess that’s the whole surprise of it haha.
  9. I have been working really hard on redesigning my blog and sorting out a new theme and style. I really just wanted to design it in a way which represented my personality more. It has been really time consuming but I am also thoroughly enjoying it at the same time because I love being creative. Slowly but surely I am getting there and I am so excited for the finished product.
  10. This month especially I have been having major travel blues and just desperately want to get back on a plane and go somewhere new. Since March I have been travelling a tonne and I have gone and done so many amazing things and seen so many great places so I just really want to be exploring somewhere new! Thankfully I know I do have Canada, Miami and The Keys to look forward to in April next year in case I don’t have time to go anywhere beforehand. Having holiday blues does mean I have been posting a tonne of nice holiday photos on my Instagram recently though!
  11. I am also very excited for bonfire night in a couple of weeks. I love bonfire evenings and watching the fireworks whilst wrapped up really warm enjoying a lovely warm drink. I just love everything about bonfire evening!
  12. Oh, lastly I just got my car serviced and had its MOT last week which went really well and it passed without needing any work doing so I was super happy with that and really happy to have my car back to drive!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. If you do, let me know in the comments and let me know what you have been up to this week. I will definitely start doing these weekly if everyone enjoys them. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Much love,

Lizzie X

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