Makeup Q&A

Hey everyone!

Welcome back. Today I felt like doing a bit of a Q&A post and answering some of the most frequent questions I get about makeup and my preferences. I just thought it would be fun to put all the questions into one post and answer them all for you. Of course if there are any that I missed or anything else you would like to know, then as always feel free to leave a comment with your question and I will answer. However, without any further rambling, lets get on with the questions!

  • What was the first makeup product you owned? – I feel like I have already answered this is another post, but my first makeup product I owned was a lip gloss and then the next I got was a clear mascara.
  • What level of coverage do you prefer from a foundation? – If you having eing reading my blog for quite a while now you will know that I don’t really wear foundation,only for special occasions. However, my preferred coverage is medium to high.
  • What is my favourite high-end makeup brand? – Erm.. this is difficult and it changes all the time, but right now it would be Too Faced. I love their products; especially their Better Than Sex mascara and their eyeshadow palettes. INCREDIBLE! Also, Chanel is always a favourite of mine. The quality of the products are lovely.
  • What is my favourite Drugstore brand? – This would have to be L’Oreal. I just love all their products!
  • What makeup product do I buy the most? – This would definitely be mascaras. I am obsessed with trying new ones out and therefore I always buy way too many!
  • Do I have a favourite place to shop for makeup? – I would say I buy makeup from various different stores but I probably spend most of money in Boots.
  • What do you apply first: foundation or concealer? – Normally like I have said I don’t wear foundation, however, if I am wearing foundation I will apply that first and then concealer afterwards if that is needed.
  • Do I wear false eyelashes? – I have yet to try false eyelashes, although I do really want to. I just never feel like trying them because I am fortunate enough to have pretty decent natural lashes that I don’t need them. I do really want to try them though so if you have any suggestions of good ones for me to try then please leave me a comment!
  • What makeup brand do I want to try but haven’t? – I think I have three main ones. They are Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and Tarte. I hear such good things about all of those brands and their products look so beautiful. Definitely need to try them in the near future.

I think that is all the questions for this post but if you do have any others then please do feel free to ask. I hope enjoyed reading and are having a great day! Much love,

Lizzie X


Instagram: @thiz_is_lizzie_xx

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