London Haul


Today I just have a little haul showing you all the items I picked up when I was in London shopping not too long ago!

I just picked up this simple, plain white, cold-shoulder top up from Primark for £3. I was in need of some staples and basic t-shirts which I could just throw on with anything and this just was perfect for that. 
I had ran out of my favourite Soap and Glory moisturiser, so I was in Boots ready to repurchase it, however, I could not find it anywhere! My friend a while back had recommended this Aveeno cream and she says she swears by it so since I couldn’t find the moisturiser  had originally gone in the store for, I thought I would give this one a try. 
I picked up this Micellar water by the brand Simple because it was on offer and I just thought I would keep some in for when I ran out of the one I was using.  Plus I love this stuff for taking my makeup off because I have sensitive skin and this is so nice on my skin especially around my eyes.
Whilst in Primark I just had to pick up some more black, skinny, high-waisted jeans. I live in these jeans. They are a great, inexpensive version of the Topshop jeans because they are only £8 and they fit really well and are super comfy. I would definitely recommend them if like me you like the Topshop jeans but want a cheaper alternative for everyday wear. 


If you know me you know I love mascaras and I buy far too many of them. For a drugstore mascara, L’Oreal is by far my favourite and so I purchased two. The first one is the new one they have come out with. It is supposed to make you look like you have false lashes which I hope it does because I have never worn false lashes but love the look of them. Personally though my eyelashes are quite long and thick anyway, I don’t really feel the need to wear false lashes although I definitely want to try them so let me know some good ones in the comments please! Anyway I am excited to try this and I have always been impressed with L’Oreal.
This mascara was just repurchase because I love it and it works so well with my lashes. It is such a nice mascara and adds so much volume and length. I would definitely recommend trying this out and L’Oreal mascaras are a great price for the quality of the product. 
If you know me at all, you will know I am obsessed with Eeyore! I have a lifesize Eeyore soft toy at my parent’s house. I love Eeyore because he is so cute!  So when I saw this mug in primark which was only £2.50 I just had to buy it. I LOVE it so much. I think is so cute!!
I love the Batiste dry shampoo and I still have some left but I was running low, and this was on offer at £2.48 which I thought was a such good a great price! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed. Please leave post suggestions, products or your opinions on any of the products I have mentioned. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and I love you all. I will see you all very soon. Much love,

Lizzie X


12 thoughts on “London Haul

    1. Thank you so much!! And yeah so far I am enjoying the Aveeno but i am always welcome to new suggestions and ideas and oo that is a good idea!!


  1. I love all Aveeno products. I always have this lotion on hand; it’s one of 4 that I rotate through. I haven’t tried the Simple brand micellar water, but I do use the Garnier brand, and I like it. Great haul! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Yeah so far I have being loving the Aveeno products! And yes, I rotate between the simple and Garnier micellar water depending on what is on offer! Thank you so much though lovely 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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