Mini Boots Haul


Before I get into my main topic today, which I am sure you can all guess is a mini Boots haul, I just want to say thank you so much!! I have just recently hit 10,000 views on my blog and that is crazy!! I NEVER thought that when I started this blog in June that it would ever get 10,000 views so thank you so much!! I am so appreciative and it’s so nice to have so many lovely people reading, commenting and liking my content. It is very uplifting and just so kind of you all! THANK YOU!!!

Anyway, I recently did a little order on Boots. I needed a few makeup bits, not much in all honesty, although I could have spent so much money! Lucky enough I was good and limited myself because in a month I am going to Florida on Vacation for 2 weeks and so I am saving for that! I am so excited to go and for all my other holidays I have booked this year too! That however, is completely another thing!

Boots have got some great offers and deals on at the moment. There was quite a lot of buy one get one half price or spend so much and recieve an item free etc. I happened to get two free items from my order is great!! I am so excited to test all the products out and develop my own opinions on them. Anyway, lets get on into what I purchased!

So as I have just mentioned, I am going to Florida quite soon for my birthday. It is actually by birthday whilst I am there!! I love Florida and it is always warm and April is going to be no exception, in fact I think the average temperature is like 28 degrees and so I brought some after sun to apply in the evenings after full days out in the sun. I am lucky in the fact that I tan super well but I always like to put some after sun on to maintain moisture in my skin because the sun dries it out and this is just my favourite one and so I ordered this. This cost £6.50
Okay, so I really needed a new contour kit. I have needed one for a while now and just never got around to investing in one. I have heard for a drugstore contour palette that this is meant to be quite good. I am excited to try this and develop my own opinions and see what I think. If you have tried this let me know what you think to it or if you have any good suggestions for contour kits (drugstore or high end) then let me know! I got this is the shade medium so I am hoping this works well with my skin tone and it was £10.99.


I am sure you are aware that pretty much everyone raves about Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer, and I have to say I do really like them. I have had them before so this was just a repurchase. I picked up two concealers in the shade 1-fair and 2-cool medium.  The lighter shade I use for under my eyes because I have dark circles and the other shade just matches my skin tone to hide blemishes. They cost £4.19 each. 
I actually got this product free. I think the offer was to spend £5 of selected Collection items and receive this free. This is moisturising lip cream with a velvet matte finish. I am really excited and interested to try this and find out what it is like. This was sent in the shade caramel 2. 
This product I also got free on my order. I believe the offer was buy one of the selected Sleek products and recieve this free. There may have been a limit to spend as well but I only purchased the contour kit so I am not entirely sure.  This product is a lip crayon which is supposed to make your lips look more plump. This was sent in the shade 1050 Notorious Nude. Again I am super excited to try this and see what it is like!


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this mini haul! Sorry it was not that long and extensive haha! Let me know if you have tried any of the products and if you like them. Also, let me know if you would like a first impressions posts or some makeup tutorials using these new products! Thank you all for support, it is super crazy and I love you all! See you soon! Much love,

Lizzie X


23 thoughts on “Mini Boots Haul

    1. Oops. Lol. I accidentally pasted what I had last copied and hit post. I meant to say I nominated you for an award! The post will be up Saturday morning. I’m sorry for the wait but I’m trying to space out my award posts a bit. I hope you understand!! ❤️😊

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    1. Yeah it looks really pretty! I forgot to mention I got the cream palette version but I am super excited to try it out tomorrow for my makeup! It should be good xx


    1. I have heard good things about Makeup Revolutions especially about their eyeshadow palettes! Have you tried them? And okay that’s fab! Thanks for the suggestion I shall definitely check them out xx

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      1. I’ve never tried MUR eyeshadow palette but Freedom are a sister brand to them and they do a pomade and brow duo which are dupes for abh and they’re amazing! 😊xx

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        1. I wrote the wrong thing!😂😂 yeah I have tried their eyeshadow palettes, fortune favours the brave is my favourite and they’re iconic 1,2 and 3 palettes are dupes for naked palettes 😊xx

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          1. Oh ahha 😂😂 and yeah I have a friend who swears by their eyeshadow palettes but I she never tried them! Go to have to have a look and see what I fancy! To be honest, I am not huge fan of the Urban Decay palettes. They are good and decent quality I just prefer the Too Faced palettes more!!xx

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        2. Ooo i am definitely going to have to have a look at the brow duo!! I need some new brow products! Where’s the best place to order these things? Thanks for all the suggestions!!xx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No worries, sorry to be all confusing! 😂 and I order them off the TAM beauty website or superdrug I think sell them too but only online 😊xx

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