Steakhouse Leicester Review


I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and that you are doing well. This Tuesday was obviously Valentine’s day and as I said in a previous post, my boyfriend and I don’t really celebrate it because we don’t really see the point because we love each other every day regardless so we just went out for a meal and it was lovely. I had a fantastic time.

We went to the Steakhouse in Leicester which is tiny little restaurant in the city centre. The atmosphere was lovely and peaceful. The service was really good with the staff very polite and efficient. The food tasted good as well. I would recommend the food. There wasn’t a huge selection of food though to be quite honest, there was only a few items on the list but nevertheless it was still nice. The food was also quite expensive. I mean it is ridiculously expensive but it is certainly not cheap either. Just as reference as well really, they don’t sell alcoholic drinks either.

Other than that, I had a fantastic time and it was a lovely evening and meal with my boyfriend. We both enjoyed ourselves and I could see me going back in the future!


Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you did for Valentines day in the comments or what posts you would like to see soon! I hope you all enjoyed and much love as always!

Lizzie X

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