Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another post. We are now approaching the mid-point of January and so far things have been going okay really. I have started my fitness and eating plan, which is going well and so I feel great about that. Also, I have started back university yet as I don’t have any January exams which is really nice and I am definitely really pleased about that! However, like any year I always get ‘January blues’ and I have no idea why to be honest. I am always super excited for the New Year and always have great goals and ambitions for the new year but in January I was always feel it. I think it’s probably because it’s just after Christmas and the New Year and work and everything starts again and you have just enjoyed taking a little time off to spend with your loved ones. Anyway, I today I am going to talk to you about something quite personal and something which I have been able to reflect on, especially after a rather stressful year last year but also after a couple of years with a lot of change and challenges for me. Taking a break from work and uni so far has allowed me to really reflect on my life so far, especially the past 3 or 4 years where so much has happened, so that I can make positive changes to things this year.  Normally I don’t have this much time to properly reflect on the previous years so I can decide and what went well and what changes I would like to make to ensure I make the most out of the new year.  So today I am talking about being emotional damaged, something which I know am and which in previous years has held be back from things.

Things probably changed for me about just over four years ago, for me now, which places me in year 10 at school. Until then I had just dealt with normal teen struggles (bullying, fitting in, body confidence and finding out who you are as a person, deciding whether you wanted to stay on at sixth form or college) – those sorts of struggles. They weren’t really nothing that I hadn’t been able to get used to over my school life –  especially the bullying, popularity and body confidence. I had those problems for years prior to this so I had come quite accustomed to those struggles.

I was very much a person who wore their heart on the sleeve. I was rather naïve really. I thought everyone was nice, just like me and didn’t want to hurt anyone and had genuine intentions. Little did I Know!! Some people say I was I brave for wearing my heart on my sleeve and seeing the best in people, but others just argue I was stupid and I totally get that. I was! I was naïve and just saw the best in everyone even when they weren’t that nice to me.  However, from the hard way I realised that people really weren’t the same as me. If you go through your life thinking people have the same heart as you, you will get hurt. Unfortunately, people just are no that kind.  Believe me I learnt this the hard way. Even when people were horrible to me, I refused to believed that they were horrible and still always spoke about their best bits.

Anyway, year 10 was when I began becoming interested in my boys and relationships. I don’t know what I was thinking! No matter how bad things were, looking back I wouldn’t change what happened because it has shaped me into a much wiser and stronger person. I think from this moment on, my life collapsed and things were a disaster for me.

So, I liked this guy and did tried so hard to impress him but he was with someone else, so I just moved on and said nothing and kept my feelings closed. Months later though, they broke up and we started talking. Yes…mistake number one you can already see right there. I was a rebound. Little, naïve me at the time didn’t realise this though and was so happy with the fact we had started talking. It never even occurred for me because I thought they were so nice. Anyway, I didn’t find out a lot of this information about the relationship until I broke things off. However, the whole time we were talking, he was still speaking to his ex, which I didn’t realise otherwise we wouldn’t have dated. I didn’t know that so we started dating after a whole load of drama which I don’t want to go into depth about for personal reasons. Things were never easy because his friends didn’t like me and my friends didn’t like him for how he was treating me and to be honest you know how school relationships go, everyone get involved and it ends up making the situation ten times worse! Things went on and we continued to date but we hardly saw each other because of my strict parents and everything but that is a whole new story but what happened with my parents affected much later on really. He told me he loved and that I was beautiful and I believed him. I was so stupid right then. There were always quite a few problems because of the various parties who kept getting involved. Anyway, I remember this day vividly unfortunately. I was at a competition for Dragon’s den getting ready to present my idea, and if you know me you know I hate speaking so I was terrified anyway, but just before I had to go I got a text from my best friend saying that he had cheated. That day I literally felt like my world had ended and things were a nightmare. I cried so hard. I couldn’t understand it. He was still in love with his ex and I was just a rebound. It absolutely broke me and destroyed me. I ended because I had the power to say that I wasn’t going to be option and so removed the choice from him.

The situation is made worse by the fact that she is horrible and didn’t deserve him at all. He could do so much better than her. He was funny, cute and intelligent. He was so talented and he was great. She had messed him up so bad with her cheating on him and his persuasive lies. She knew exactly what to say and do. Even after all the lies, messing me around and cheating I didn’t hate him – not even close. I felt sorry for him. He had lost someone who supported him and though the world of him for someone who didn’t care less. It was so hurtful. I was a mess. My first crush, love and heartbreak all in one.  I loved him or so I thought. Now I know it wasn’t love. I didn’t know what to do with myself. How could someone betray you like that and use you? How could you lie to someone and hurt them that way?

It was all far too much, especially if you consider the months of arguments and falling out because of lies and rumors whilst we were talking. I can’t even begin to describe to explain some of the stuff. What he doesn’t know is how much I took for him. I was willing to look past the rumors, lies and hate to be with him. I even with stood all the bullying from his ex. The bullying was a whole new level. It went way too far but I took it all and never told him. She would spread rumors about me, spend me horrible texts messages all the time and get her friends to do the same, write statuses about me, spread rumors on the internet. You name it. She did it. She made my life a living hell and continued to until the very day when we left school at the end of year 11.

Of course, I kept all this to myself I didn’t want anyone to know what I was going through. The bullying kept getting worse, got even more intense. I began to hate myself. I use to cry myself to sleep at night. Some night I couldn’t sleep or eat because I was so sad. My life had been completely normal and within about 6 months by life had become a mess. I had been a rebound and joke of the school and the victim the worst cyber bullying and bullying I had ever experienced. From then on… I just wasn’t the same and never have been.

The worst part was I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand how cruel people could be. I didn’t understand why people felt the need to tear others apart to make them feel better about themselves. I didn’t understand why people we so vindictive and cruel. I could never do the same… I would never be able to hurt them the way they hurt me.

I never really moved on from him. Things didn’t change. He did apologise after she cheated on him and made him feel so bad about himself. He knew what he had done and how he had made me feel. For a time, we were friends. I don’t hold grudges. I forgive people. I just do. I don’t see the point of holding onto hate. I just never forget. I couldn’t change the past so I needed to let go and accept it. I liked him too and secretly I knew he was a really nice person and he is everyone. Things didn’t really improve though. We went through a phase of liking each other again only for me to find out he liked someone else. Then we started seeing each other a couple of months later but that ended when I knew he liked someone else. In fact, she was one of my best friends. I Knew as well she didn’t like him. She wanted to have her first boyfriend. I had to watch the guy I loved, be with my best friend. In fact, he even asked for my advice on how to get with her and of course I helped them both. I still wanted him to be happy even though I told him her intentions. Of course, he didn’t believe me and thought I was just saying that to keep them from being together. He soon realised though. This time it was too late. I was gone. After that we didn’t speak again for a long time. We didn’t speak again for months and months on end. I had taken enough.

No, I don’t hate this person at all. In fact, we are now best friends. I felt sorry for him too. He put his faith and trust in all the wrong people and it got broken and he didn’t know how to recover. Everyone makes mistakes. I made mistakes when we went out. I know that and admit that. I know who I am and I know I am not perfect and I am a difficult person to be with. I am very guarded. We were both victims and both damaged in our own way. I am glad he has managed to work past through what happened and how he got hurt because now people can see him for how amazing he is. He is really nice person and pain changes people. He was hurting. Anyone could see that. She treated him so bad and was really awful to him. He tried to move on but whenever he made progress she would bring him back down and make him feel like he couldn’t move on. I’m glad he has though because now I can see him for everything I thought he was and it is nice to see the person I knew he was. I never gave in because I knew that just wasn’t him. I am glad we are such good friends because he is great friend to have!

For me, things were harder. Going through that, on top of all the other stuff which I am sure I will share at some point if I am feeling brave enough killed me. It killed me to see him happy with someone else. It killed me every time we walked by each other. Every time we looked at each other. I couldn’t have been humiliated any more. I couldn’t have felt worse.

I was a mess. I was so broken. I couldn’t let anyone in. Some of friends asked me out but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hurt him. I just couldn’t move on. Those two years in particular were the two worst of my life. Last year was bad but for another reason and last year I did have some fantastic times.  Those two years were dark times, filled with hate and tears.

The problem was I had put everyone else first. I then taught them that I could be a second option. I won’t change this though. I am just not a selfish person. I love helping people and for me that comes first. Everyone else and their needs come before mine. That’s how I am.

Pain does change people and that’s okay! My luck with guys didn’t get any better. Another guy liked me the same year and we spoke but he too lied to me. Pain has changed me and I won’t ever be the same. I just can’t be because I am too scared of getting hurt again.

I definitely wouldn’t change going through this though because it has helped me so much and made me who I am today. I know I don’t need to prove my worth to anyone. If they don’t love me for who I am and accept that then I don’t belong with them and that’s fine.

Going through what I have has taught me to stay strong. I created a lot of my heartbreak because of my high expectations but I am not going to apologise for that. I have principles and a moral compass and I would only be betraying myself if I didn’t stand by them and I am not prepared to that. If someone cannot respect boundaries and morals then they aren’t for me.

I thank this experience because it has shown my strength. I didn’t know how strong I was until I was torn apart my people to barely nothing. I felt worthless and useless. I had never felt worse about myself. They say damaged people are the most dangerous because they know they can survive and I agree. I have been at my lowest and I know I can get back up and keep moving forwards and that’s a great lesson to have learnt. No matter what someone throws at me now. I know I can make it through it and come out the other side much stronger and a better person.

I have been through more hell than what you know but that’s what give my beauty an edge. Its raw, unperfect and damaged. I am emotionally damaged and scared but that’s what makes me so pretty and fierce. It’s beautiful that I can still love and trust even though I have been hurt and damaged.

I know trust takes years to build up but can be destroyed in seconds with one mistake. I am careful about who I trust. I trust virtually no one. Everyone in my life has lied to me, turned against me and left me. They have broken promises and I don’t hate them for it. I thank them. I know now the value of trust and that you cannot just trust anyone. Trust is special and should only be given to those who deserve it.  At the end of the day. Every time you form a relationship or friendship you take a risk.

I believe at one point I felt so much and so much pain, I felt nothing at all anymore. I had felt it all. I became numb. I was so young and so damaged and still am. It still messes me up now. I have huge trust issues, paranoid and so insecure about myself. I will always wonder what I did wrong to deserve what I went through. It completely broke the faith in me. I want to be able to trust again and not be so paranoid. Not being able to sleep or having nightmare every night isn’t fun. In some ways, I want to be my old self. Where I wore my heart on sleeve, saw the beauty and good in everyone and saw the world to be the fantastic place it is. I know now though it’s not realistic. To save myself form more hurt, I cannot be like that! I wish too that I didn’t push people away out of fear of getting hurt again/ It make me hard to love because I am guarded. I feel more than most people, but I have put up certain defenses to not show this so I don’t get hurt again.

It’s sad too because he had built me up to feel fantastic and then it all fell apart and shattered right before my eyes. No reason or explanation. I am damaged and vulnerable but I am no less valuable.  For me, the scars you cannot see are the hardest to heal.

However, being this young and damaged isn’t going to set me back. I have still have had some fantastic years and moments since. Some of the best memories and experiences of my life. One thing it hasn’t done is damaged my ambition and dreams. I still set goals way beyond what I can reach. I know I can make it though perhaps one day.

I find people who have been through what I have inspiring. No matter how challenging or difficult their lives get or how damaged someone is, there is nothing more inspiring than their courage to put on a smile and to love for others and see the good in them. I know the most beautiful people are the ones who have known defeat, known suffering, struggle, loss and have found their way out of those horrible depths.

The point to all this is rambling is that even though I don’t appear it, I am damaged but aren’t we all. Those experiences as terrible as they were and taught me some of the best lessons in life and have given me some of the wisest advice.  It’s okay to be damaged and not be okay! I promise you. Time heals things and you have to din your own coping mechanisms. It’s about taking those experiences and learning from them to build yourself and support your future. You can’t change the past however terrifying it was, but you can change the future. It’s not nice living through it, especially with the consequences it has upon you but you can’t keep re-reading old chapters. You can’t progress.

So, that’s the first time I have spoken about this ever. I don’t know how I have done but I know I have been an emotional mess writing. I am thankful for writing this though because this where I can draw the line and move on. It’s over. I am not continuing to drag this into this year like I have done in previous years. I will always be damaged and that’s okay as long as I use the lessons wisely. I cannot believe how tears this has provoked but thank you for listening and reading this. I hope It helps you on some way and I appreciate your support and for allowing me to be pure and raw and open about my feelings. It’s nice to be able to speak about them and feel safe and secure so I can now at last close this chapter and start a fresh. Thank you for the lessons! They will come in good use! Of course, I am still going to have feelings about this they aren’t ever going to go away entirely but I sure try my best. Thank you so much and I love you all lots!

Lizzie X



20 thoughts on “Damaged

  1. Keirryn says:

    Hey Lizzie, absolutely beautiful post – so raw, and open. I saw your post on MD, and am in complete awe of this post. I can definitely relate to majority of this, minus the bullying part.. some parts actually felt like you were writing out a portion of my life. As Maria said, you are not damaged, WE are not damaged. Although the experience was painful to endure, it’s one of those mysterious life lessons, and you have clearly passed the test. To open up, reflect and review the situation, and CHOOSE to move on, that’s a bold, and beautiful step. — Sorry if this is dribble, I have tears in my eyes, because I KNOW the hurt and betrayal you felt, I understand the numbness, and the emotionless struggle. You are a brave and strong woman, to be best friends with someone that FORCED you to GROW, is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad I found your blog, gorgeous, and I’m actually proud that you are making moves in this world. Keep growing, and evolving. I wish you love, prosperity, happiness, and joy, and hope 2017 is your best year yet!! xx

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    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Hi! First of thank you so much for your lovely comment! I literally had tears in my eyes reading that! Your words are just so kind and thoughtful and I really appreciate them! They mean a lot! Thank you for the support! I am glad you can relate to what I and saying although not glad that you had to endure similar experiences although now we have both grown to be better and much stronger people because of those lessons we learnt. It was painful, but it is my past now and opening up was my way now of closing that chapter and moving and letting that go! You can’t hold on forever otherwise you hold yourself back and I don’t have any regrets or good any grudges. What past has past and I certainly don’t hate anyone for it. Everyone makes mistakes or has things which charges them and causes that act out irrationally at others and part of growing is understanding and accepting someone else’s pain too. We all make mistakes and whatever happened there between is the past and I would much rather get along and be friends than carry around sadness and hate. My life is my choice and I just choose happiness! I thank you so much for your kind words and I agree with you completely!! That person definitely did force me to grow but I thank them because without that horrible time I would not be where I am today, doing what I am! Thank you so much!! I really wish 2017 is your year also and that is filled with so many great moments, experiences and memories but above lots of happiness everyday!! Much love always, Lizzie xx

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            • Lizzie Grace says:

              It really is but it will be worth it in the end and I do and I appreciate that and I cannot wait for things to come around! And aw I am glad to hear, no problem! I love photography too! I find it very therapeutic too which is nice!x

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            • Maria Jones-Phillips says:

              It’s great that you like photography too, that’s very cool.
              Being yourself and getting to know yourself is a constantly evolving process I think. Just when you think you have a grasp of it all life surprises you and shows you a different way of looking at things. Often in a good way.
              You’ve always hit a friend here if you ever need one. x

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            • Lizzie Grace says:

              Yeah I love it! I will always take my camera where ever I go. I love capturing moments and memories!
              I totally agree with you too! Life is full of surprises and you never know what is going to happen. You cannot predict the future but you can sure as hell make sure you work hard to achieve the future you want! I have been doing some research earlier actually for my clothing line and also I want to establish my craft business, but I am scared to tbh! I like how challenging life is and how it encourages the best from you and to see things from different angles, it really helps you grow as a person! And aw thank you so much, that is so sweet and kind! And same goes to you always! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you! X

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            • Maria Jones-Phillips says:

              A clothing line? That sounds exciting. And crafts. That’s great.
              I had an online jewellery business a while back. I still make jewellery but don’t sell it anymore. I spent years making my own clothes and really wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young. In fact I had a lot of ambitions. Of course becoming a photographer was one of them, so that’s what I do now, and write.
              You sound very creative and talented, Lizzie.
              Setting up business tends to take a lot of leg-work in scouting out your desired market, aside from the actual business itself. It’s not a quick process getting established, but you sound very driven and committed. I wish you all the luck in the world with it.
              You too are very sweet, and yes it’s a pleasure chatting with you too. x

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            • Lizzie Grace says:

              Yeah I already have a clothing line established.. it’s all still very new though! And yeah I am excited and I know it is going to be so much and work but it’s my dream so I want to make it it happen!! And aw that is so interesting! Any tips for having a craft business then or anything you would recommend? I am glad you had a lot of ambitions. Gave your something you really wanted to work for! And thank you so much! You’re so sweet and kind. I really appreciate it x

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            • Lizzie Grace says:

              Ah no! That was for something different. That was project I decided to make to help the community with bullying x

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  2. Lizzie Grace says:

    Aw thank you so much! That is so sweet! Really nice of you to say! You have told your daughter well!! That’s great advice! To trust in yourself and your instincts is greats advice because like you said we often do ignore them for whatever reason! I am sorry to hear that you have had a difficult past couple of years! I hope you say strong and have an amazing year this year! Full of lots of happiness, joy and laughter! The future is bright! And thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. I am very thankful for it!! Much love too, Lizzie x

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  3. Maria Jones-Phillips says:

    Let me just tell you something, as one survivor and wearer of hearts on sleeves, you my dearest Lizzie are not damaged in any way. Remember that no matter how much emotional trauma you experience in life nothing can or will ever damage your integrity. And by that I mean your ability to decide better experiences to have. That’s what the pain is for, to remind us that we are alive, and to remind us not to put ourselves in negative circumstances again and experience more pain.
    There is something I taught my own daughter Grace years ago when she was little, and that was to trust the feeling in her stomach when she either met someone new or was around friends and other people. I told her that if her stomach felt weird it meant these people were not for her. We all have that instinct but so many of us choose to ignore it because we want to do right by others. Some people are just not right for us, no matter the good we see in them. No one is worth the expense of your pain, no matter how much you love them.
    Last year was the most difficult of my life, in fact as with you, the last two in particular have been extremely difficult for me. But through it all I remember that I still have a choice to put me first, and as you say that is a valuable lesson to learn. I wish I had understood it when I was younger.
    I admire your strength and your tenacity, and your ability to be emotionally open, don’t ever change that. Don’t ever let others dictate how you should be, it’s none of their business. 🙂
    Much love and a big hug.
    M. x

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  4. Ava says:

    You are NOT damaged. At all. You are just exploring life and fumbling your way through the dark sometimes. 🙂 It’s beautiful: Life. And so are you 🙂

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