2016 Rewind



Hello everyone!

2016 has come and gone so very quick! Now that is coming to an end, I thought I would take a look at some of the amazing memories and experiences I have had this year. Like any year, 2016 had been full of many great opportunities, experiences and memories but I have also had some very challenging and difficult times. Regardless, 2016 has a been a fantastic year and I have had a great time and done so many amazing things and had so many great opportunities and I am very thankful for that! I am thankful for all the experiences, memories and people that I have met and I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish you all the very best for the New Year ahead and I hope it brings you happiness, laughter and joy as well as some great opportunities and experiences. ย Make the most of 2017 and enjoy yourself!

Now for a look back over 2016!!! (I seriously enjoyed looking through all these photos so much! I cannot believe all that I have done in one year!) I hope you all enjoy! Love always,

Lizzie X


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