First Semester

Hey guys!

How are you all doing? I hope you are having a fantastic day/evening! Since I am having my hair cut and dyed tomorrow morning and then flying out to Edinburgh for a mini holiday I thought I would write this post now because I am going to be rather busy for the next few days coming up.

As I touched on briefly yesterday I have now finished my first semester at uni and I honestly couldn’t be happy with how things have gone. Of course, there were highs and lows but generally I have had a fantastic experience and enjoyed myself. For those of you who don’t know, I am studying History at the University of Leicester.

I was terrified for move in day, I am not even going to lie! I was so nervous. I was so worried that I wouldn’t get along with my flat mates (for this year I am staying in university accommodation) or I wouldn’t fit in etc. I had so many worries with me and what made it worse was that my family wasn’t coming with me, in fact my boyfriend and his family helped move to university, which to this day I cannot tell them how thankful I am that. I really appreciate it! So, thank you very much if you ever read this! So, on arrival I was so scared but I moved my stuff in and unpacked to make my room feel a little more like home, met some of flat mates and did the dreaded first grocery shop. The only thing was I was so upset and although I had a great first night with everyone going to the pub and chatting, it just wasn’t the same. Everyone else had their families with them helping them unpack, taking them shop and out for dinner. I just felt so lonely and that was the hardest part for me and I do remember crying that evening to myself in my room. However, that been said I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

The next couple of weeks was introduction stuff at the university (setting up doctors, getting your ID cards, introduction to courses etc.); going to events and meeting new people; and I know this is not everyone’s thing which is fine, but from time to time I do enjoy this and that was going out and making the most of freshers. I have had some great nights out whilst being at uni with some incredible people and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Making friends was so much easier than I thought because don’t forget everyone else is in the same position as you so everyone wants to make friends just as much as you do too.

After some relaxing and becoming familiar with the surroundings and the people you were living with and who were on your course, university work began. It was challenging because it is step from your previous education, purely because it is so independent compared to anything you have done before this. My course was a mix of essays and presentations which was good for me because it forced me to become more confident and speak in front of people who I don’t know. To be honest I am much more confident than I was before I went to uni and it’s nice not be so timid all the time. So far, I am doing well and achieving well on my assignments so I hope that continues for the future.

There’s so much I could tell you but I don’t want to ramble on but if you do have any questions or want more posts about uni life then please do let me know and I will do them for you, no problem. I have been working at the weekends too (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) which helps financially. I have been so much more tired since I have gone to uni and I don’t even know why ahah! I am self-catered for those who are wondering and I have enjoyed cooking for myself. Sometimes it’s annoying because occasionally you’re tired and cannot be bothered to cook but majority of the time it is great because you eat what you want, whenever you want. I do have an en suite room as well for any of you who are curious.

I guess most of all what I have enjoyed most about being at university is the freedom and independence you get. Okay, not everything has gone well for me whilst I have been there and there have been times when I have cried or gotten upset or been stressed with work and assignments but I have enjoyed it and really wouldn’t change my experience. I have already met some amazing people who I will be friends with for life and we are so close, it’s like we have always known each other. I love just being my own person and doing the things that I like and enjoy which makes me happy. Before I never had this freedom and it’s so refreshing to design a life which makes me happy and which I love. I love going to the gym an eating healthy, seeing my friends and going out for lunch with them, or seeing my boyfriend and catching up. Things really can be great when you make the most of what you are given and I am so thankful for all the opportunities university has already given me.

I think I will leave it there for today but as I have said if you want blog post about anything specific or got any questions feel free to ask and I will help best I can. If you want to see some photos of my uni experience head over to my Instagram @thiz_is_lizzie_xx because I have been using it a tonne recently to save memories of the great times I am having. Also, let me know if you want posts about me having my hair cut and dyed tomorrow and also about my travels to Edinburgh and I will see you when really soon (probably when I get back!)

Love you all so much! Bye guys!

Lizzie X

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