One Lovely Blog Award

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you’re having a lovely day or evening and are having great start to your week. Today I am writing the ‘One lovely blog award’ which I have kindly been nominated to recieve by the lovely Gio, author of Giojoblog. So thank you very much for the nomination, I am very grateful and really do appreciate it! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out her blog. It features great content and I am sure you will enjoy reading!


  • 1. Post to accept the nomination
  • 2. Thanks the person who nominated you and a link back to their blog
  • 3. List 7 things about yourself
  • 4. Link to the blogs you nominate
  • 5. Notify the recipients of their award
  • 6. Post the rules

7 facts about me:

  1. My dream job would be an entrepreneur and to run and have my own business.
  2. I love writing and one day hope to have a book published.
  3. I want to travel the world and visit/experience as many different countries, cities and cultures as possible.
  4. I am currently obsessed with watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.
  5. I am currently training to run a half marathon.
  6. I love drawing and designing.
  7. I am an auntie and have two nieces and a nephew.

My nominations are:

Thank you all so very much for reading and I will see you all very soon! Love you!

Lizzie X


One thought on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. therosetintedchapter says:

    Sorry this is off the topic of the post, but I saw you were following my blog. I would like to thank you for supporting my blog, it means a lot to me. If you’ve been enjoying my posts you may want to follow my blog on my new domain I’m not sure if my old followers will automatically be moved over or not, but if you enjoyed my content I would recommend double checking. Thank you!


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