Huge Autumnal Haul!

Hey guys!

It has seriously been ages since I lasted posted anything! I cannot believe how long it has been since I have spoken to you all. I have seriously missed blogging and chatting with you all so much but I have just been so incredibly busy! So how are you all doing? What’s been going on?

For me, I have been super busy with my university assignments. I have had so many due in a such a short space of time that I have been busy writing and researching them and now I have submitted them I am just waiting for some feedback so I hope they have all gone well! Also I got my first ever piercings and so that was a really exciting but scary experience too and I am pleased to say that I love them all and think they look pretty good so I am well happy with them! I have been crazy busy at work and been doing lots of hours so I haven’t had much time to relax but it’s all worth it in the end. I have actually also just started designing a jewellry line and a homeware line and hope to have them launched quite soon so fingers crossed for that! I am actually really super excited about these designs and have been working really hard on them. Erm what else has been going on? I feel like so much has happened that there is just too much to tell you all. Uni life is going really well and I am enjoying myself and made plenty of great new friends. If you want to see what I am up to daily just check out my snapchat or instagram because I pretty much update those all the time! But anyway enough about my rambling and let’s get on into the haul because otherwise I could write all day to tell you what’s been happening recently.

I know I said I am going to do a univeristy series and believe I will get around to that eventually, but I just thought I would do a haul today because I have been shopping a lot recently and I just thought I would do a haul whilst all the things I have purchased are new in the shops so if you should want to buy any of them, then it would still be possible for you to do so!


For beauty I have done a bit of shopping although I feel recently I have done more clothes shopping, since I have lost some weight, but nevertheless I still purchased a few things!

  • The Rimmel match perfection foundation – I actually just re-purchased this because I had ran out of my other one and needed a new foundation although I would like to branch out and try a new foundation so let me know if you have any recommendations for good foundations because I am positive that there are plenty on the market!


  • Maybelline lash sensational mascara – I was just wondering around the beauty counter and I have heard for ages great reviews about this mascara so just thought I would buy it and see what I thought, since quite a few people to rave about it!


  • Rimmel Wake me up concealer – Again, many people have raved about this being a good concealer and I was in need of a new concealer so thought I would give this a try and see what I thought to it. I am still on the lookout for good high coverage concealers so let me know if you have recommendation for any of them.


  • Maybelline brow pencil and spoolie – Normally I just fill my brows in with powder but recently I thought i would branch out and try a pencil and see what I prefer. So far I have been liking the pencil so I am going to continue using and see how my opinion develops.


  • Zoeva Makeup brushes – Although I look my makeup brushes I currently use and there definitely is nothing wrong with I have just wanted these rose gold Zoeva makeup brushes for ages and so I finally decided to purchase some and OMG I love them. I have yet to use them since they only arrived this afternoon but I am in love with how cute and pretty the look. Definitely one of my favourite beauty purchases.
  • Next Just Pink perfume – If you know me, you know I love perfume and I am also very sentimental over my perfumes too. I have quite a few bottles of perfume but they are very expensive bottles and were all brought for me with some meaning or memory behind them and so I kind of don’t ever want to run out of them, even though of course I know that’s going to happen. So to preserve my other perfumes’ lives I purchased this one from Next for everyday wear and it smells incredible and is really well priced and lasts well. Definitely have really enjoyed wearing this as my autumn scent.



I was definitely in need of some new pieces in my wardrobe, especially since I have lost some weight recently and I just feel like fall always has the nicest bits and pieces and so had a wander down to the shops. I don’t know about you but fall and winter fashion is definitely my favourite, let me know your favourite season for fashion in the comments!

  • Adidas Superstars originals – I am not even going to lie but these are probably my favourite thing I have purchased recently. I have wanted a pair of these for absolutely forever and always wear black trainers or shoes so just thought why not and brought a pair and OMG they were such a good decision! They are so comfy and I have literally lived in them since I purchased them three weeks ago. I think I have worn them everyday since!


  • Nike sports bras – I have been getting a lot more into fitness recently and getting into a fitness routine and have been really enjoying so I thought it was a good idea to treat myself to some new sports bras and so I picked up these two. I love them both and they are really comfy and supportive and are great for exercising and feeling and looking great.
  • Nike tank top – On the workout theme I picked up this tank from Nike also. I thought it was so adorable and cute and just love the back. I figured if I brought a few new pieces it would keep me inspired to workout and also I would feel great too which is really essential when working out because you want to feel good about yourself.
  • Nike leggings – Again because of my increased involvement in fitness and now it has dropped incredibly cold here in the UK, because let me tell you it is absolutely freezing, I brought some leggings so I could still go on runs even now in the colder months. I am actually going to train for a half marathon so wish me luck with that one everyone!
  • Primark pack of ankle socks – I just needed some new ones and I thought these looked super cute with all the autumnal colours! They are super expensive and a necessity for me because I live in trainers!
  • Primark cold shoulder turtleneck – Let me first just say Primark has got some really lovely autumnal bits and pieces in and I was so impressed. I love the colours and design of this top and it looks super cute paired with a paired of blacked ripped knee jeans or some blue jeans too. Love it!
  • Primark striped turtleneck – If you cannot tell I have a thing for turtleneck jumpers in the winter and thought this one was super cute. I love the pattern and colours used and just think this will go really nice with a pair of black high waisted jeans and some trainers or ankle boots.


  • Primark checked scarf – I absolutely loves scarves and my collection is far too big but I just loved the pattern of this one. In fact it matches the striped turtleneck jumper so well and go i think it would look really good paired with some black high waisted jeans, ankle boots, a leather jacket, that jumper and scarf. Definitely going to be a go to outfit for me. They are super well priced at £4 and really big and thick and cosy.


  • Primark gloves – I just picked these up because they were two pairs for £1 and and I didn’t think you could go wrong with some black gloves especially now its the winter. I really don’t want cold hands haha.


  • Primark Black high waisted ripped knee skinny jeans – I have wanted a pair of these for so long and since my old jeans are too big for me now I thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy some news one. I love these jeans, they fit really well which I was really surprised about but super happy with and were only £10. Definitely worth buying. I also purchased a pair of plain black high waisted skinny jeans too which were £8.
  • Primark Blue denim high waisted skinny jeans – If you know, you know I pretty much live in black jeans so I decided to buy some different jeans and brought these blue jeans and I actually really like them and feel comfortable wearing them. Would definitely recommend Primark jeans!
  • Boohoo black dress – My friends birthday has just been and I wanted a new dress to wear for it and so I had a little browse on Boohoo. I did buy another dress but it was too big so I need to try and return it. However, I am in love with this dress. The detailing is so pretty, it is halterneck with an open back with just two spaghetti straps to keep the dress on in place. It is all laced on the front with some cut out detailing and is fitted into the waist and then flows out. I really love this dress and it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I think it was £22 so I was  a good price too!
  • Primark bralettes – The last things I purchased with a few bralettes. Before these I actually didn’t own a single bralette but now I am so glad I do because they are so comfy. What I particularly like about these ones are the fact they are still padded so you get coverage still which I personally prefer. They are so super pretty and really comfortable on and really inexpensive. I think three of them were £4 and the the black which is laced all over the front was £8. Definitely worth checking out.

I hope you have all enjoyed this little haul and have seen a few bits that you like. There are seriously some lovely autumnal pieces out in the shops! Let me know what you think in the comments down below and I will see you all very shortly. Love ya all!!

Lizzie X

14 thoughts on “Huge Autumnal Haul!

  1. melaninmommie says:

    Definitely makes me want these Zoeva makeup brushes. They are very beautiful! Thinking about trying the mascara too! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      They are so beautiful and really good. I have tried them out and really like them and the mascara is good too! Let me know what you think if you try any of them!x

      Liked by 1 person

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