Hey everyone!

I know it’s been awhile again since I lasted posted a blog post and I really do want to apologise for the inconsistency here on my blog. I have just had so much going on recently with settling into university life and sorting out my course and any other issues I have had that I really have not had a moment to sit down and just write. I am really sorry everyone. I was going to at the weekend but then I was working and I have literally been so exhausted that all I have wanted to do is sleep.

I am genuinely going to try so hard and get into a routine of posting now I have been given my timetable and try and work out a schedule of when to post. But for now just bare with me because everything is new and there are lots of things I am in the process of sorting out and working out plans for but I will get there soon. I promise too that the mini univeristy series is coming and they will be my next couple of blog posts. If you do have any specific questions then feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer them best I can!

But for now, I am just in the process of settling into a new routine and lifestyle and figuring out everything. I will see you really soon with a new post and hopefully the first in my university series.I love you all guys! See you really soon and thank you so much for your patience with me and all of your support!

Lizzie X

8 thoughts on “Sorry….

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Thank you! Just been so busy with the massive lifestyle change but I am sure when I get into a routine everything will be better and thank you 😁


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