I’m stressed…


So move in day for uni is tomorrow and I still haven’t packed and I am so stressed. I just don’t even know what to pack or how much to take with me. I know so little about what do upon arrival and my room (never seen the accommodation before). I am literally so stressed guys I cannot even begin to explain. I find it so much harder because of how I have no support from anywhere and literally doing this all by myself as my family disapproves. I am thankful that I have you guys to vent to and my boyfriend and his family too because they have helped me out so much. More than I could explain to be honest. I just really am so nervous and scared. Worried about living in a city and somewhere new; worried about fitting in and finding friends; worried about my course and what I will think to that. Safe to say I am stressed to max right and I think I need to chill out but then again I still have to pack for everything yet! Ah the stress continues. Sorry for missing everyone I am just really worried about tomorrow. I am sure when I get there I will be fine and everything will turn out fine and I will enjoy myself but for now I am just really anxious and scared. I actually feel sick I am that worried and scared. 

Thanks for letting me express my thoughts and feelings with you and have my rants about my nerves for uni. I will keep you informed and updated and will see you all very shortly! Byeeee!!

Lizzie X

28 thoughts on “I’m stressed…

  1. thoughts whilewaitingfortheelevator says:

    Dear Lizzie,
    Hope that your transition to uni is the first of many amazing and challenging opportunities. You seem as though you take these challenges with good spirits. Change is always unnerving. Life is unnerving. The end result is worth it. Best of luck and I am sure you will keep us all updated on your very clever blog. You go girl!!!


  2. Kaitlyn says:

    One step at a time girl! I’m sure that’s so annoying to hear, but it will get better! I just did a major move and yes, it’s hard! But it gets better and everything will work out!! 💕


    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Aw thank you so much for your support and everything, I really appreciate it. Glad your move went okay too 💖


  3. thedailycare says:

    One of the biggest things that comforted me when I moved away to college was realizing that so many others were just as stressed/nervous to be in a new place by them selves. If your college has some kind orientation for new people you should go! You’ll probably meet other people who feel the same way you do! Also, for packing I looked up several “university packing lists” online to see if I was forgetting anything important.


  4. happyhollife says:

    i know the panic is horrible the night before going to uni, you’ll be absolutely fine ❤ deep breathing, write lots of lists and try not to rush around. :3


  5. Karalee says:

    Moving to college can be stressful. I went to a university about 4 hours from where my parents lived and I only knew 2 people from my high school who were going there. I lived in a small dorm, so it was easier meeting new people and making friends, but if you hang out in common areas and attend social events you should be able to meet some new friends too! Also when classes start you can see if there’s anyone that lives with you that’s also in your classes!
    I know at my university you could add and drop classes in the first 2 weeks. I don’t know if your uni is like that, but if it is then you can drop the class if you don’t like it.
    As far as packing goes, remember to bring essentials like your clothes, makeup, and shower items. I also think it’s nice to bring some items that are important to you. If you forget to pack something like a toothbrush, you can always buy it when you move in.


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