What happened??

Hey guys!

How are you all? Today I am just going to make a quick post explaining why I missed posting on Friday. I have been super busy with work and also trying to sort out some uni stuff because that situation is all very complicated so I do want to firstly apologise for missing a post on Friday.

So the reason I didn’t post besides been really busy in that I had an accident and cut my hand open… ooops I know. I not go into the full story about this but basically I was using a knife and by accident sliced straight through my hand. I know..not clever! It bled an awful lot and was really deep. I did try and be brave and not go to the hospital but because it was metal I decided to go to make sure it didn’t get infected and hours later I can out with stitches. They tried to put the invisible ones in but because it’s in the crease of my hand everytime I moved it they come apart so I had the proper ones with no anesthetic either. Anyway it is all bandaged up now and hopefully on its way to recovery so I will just have to wait for it to heal.

No worries though it’s all okay just aches so much now haha but nothing a few painkillers can’t help! But anyway that’s why I missed posting on Friday because I was busy sorting out my hand so I am sorry for that and hopefully I will resume back to normal soon.

Thank you so much for your support guys, it means so much and I will see you so very soon!

Lizzie X


18 thoughts on “What happened??

  1. Don’t worry, scars mean you’re cool, hehe! Hope it heals up soon, meanwhile take it easy, no heavy lifting. So you MUST find someone to do everything for you- all under Doctors orders, of course!


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