August Favourites

Hello everyone!

I know this post is really late as we are almost halfway through September now. I know right… where has the time gone? Things seem to be going to quick and I am sorry I have only just got around to do this post but I have been really super busy with holidays and university things and other blog posts that this one kind of got pushed behind. However, today I am going to share with you the things I have been loving throughout the month of August.

  1. Black and White Striped Top – This has been an absolute favourite item of mine, it may even be my favourite thing in my wardrobe. I have worn it so much since I have brought it’s unreal. I seriously love itso much. It’s really cute and soft. It’s from H&M and was only £7.99, so was really inexpensive but the material feels great and I love how you wear it casually or dress it up depending on the occasion. The black and white stripe pattern is really pretty and the criss cross detailing in the middle is really flattering and you can wear it as revealing as you feel comfortable doing so. LOVE this top so much!
  2. Lee Stafford Heat Protectant – Again I seriously love this stuff. I love Lee Stafford anyway and think his products are amazing but they are definitely at the higher price end range compared to some brands. However, you get the quality you pay for and I think it so worth it. This spray really has helped my hair be protected from heat damage and has kept it looking soft and shiny which is what everyone wants lets be honest here! Really have no complaints about this product – it smells amazing too!
  3. W7 concealer – You have probably heard me rave about these before because for the price you pay they are amazing concealers. Perfect for everyday wear for back to school, work or anytime.  They blend in super easy and provide a good amount of coverage to the skin. If you’re on a budget definitely have a look at these or W7 as a brand anyway because they do some good dupes for higher end products which are a lot more affordable.
  4. Black and White Striped Top #2 -If you cannot tell I have been obsessed with black and white stripes. This top cost me £2 from Primark and since I purchased it I have worn it so many times. I love the higher neck because I personally think they suit me quite well and again the material is really nice still and it fits really well. I have just been pairing this tucked into a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans and it has worked really well. Super simple and easy to wear but looks good and for the price you definitely cannot complain.
  5. Mason Jar cup – Since the weather has surprisingly been quite warm this summer I have loved using the cup to have some water in to keep me hydrated. It’s looks really cute and has a bronze colour lid and comes with a black and white striped straw (the theme continues even more haha) and only cost me 69 pence! I know – such a bargain! Just really have enjoyed having my drinks from this cup.










Thank you so very much for reading I hope you have enjoyed hearing my top 5 August favourites. Let me know what were your favourites down in the comments and I will see you all very shortly. Byeee!

Lizzie X

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