Random questions answered!

Hello everyone!

How’s your Monday been? I hope you are all having a lovely day or evening and had a fantastic start to your week. Today I thought it would be fun to answer 15 random questions so you can find out more about me. I really hope you like and don’t forget to also give this post ago too if you enjoy it and without any further wait lets get on in to the questions!

  1. What you do if you won the lottery? – It depends on how much I won really. I would obviously put some to one side for savings, probably travel the world, do some charity work, start my own business (dream job and goal right there!!) and treat all my loved ones to something special.
  2. Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking? – Yes actually I have been both canoeing and kayaking and loved them both. I love water sports and been on the water. I also took a sailing course too.
  3. What’s your favourite pizza topping? – I know I am boring but Margherita pizza is my absolute favourite. 90% of the time when ordering pizza I will order just plain cheese and tomato. It’s just so good!!
  4. Do you want children? – Yes. One day I would love to be lucky enough to have children. Ideally I would like 2 – one boy and one girl, otherwise I would like 3 and have twin girls and then a boy but I would just love to be lucky enough to have happy, healthy children one day in the future.
  5. Do you prefer baths or showers? – For this one I am definitely a shower person although I do occasionally like to take a long relaxing bath. This rarely happens though to be honest.
  6. What’s your favourite milkshake? – Again very typical and boring but chocolate milkshakes are my favourite. In fact I am obsessed with them and drink them all the time (not good for you I know haha) but I just love them.
  7. Do you have any scars? – Yeah! I have loads. I have one on my knee when someone rode their bike into me and I ended up going over their handlebars and the brake pedal from the bike cut all the way through my leg . I have a scar where I got my finger trapped in the door and decided to pull my finger out tearing all my skin open. I have another one on my hand. I have one my arm from when someone stabbed me with a pencil and then I had to have the lead extracted from my arm so I didn’t get blood poisoning although you can still see some of it now. I have lots on my feet from the times when I have worn new shoes and they have gave me really bad blisters. I have so many haha! Never broke anything though (quickly touches wood!).
  8. Have you ever had a secret admirer? – Erm I guess so.. well he sent me a valentines day card one year to my house so does that mean he did? I guess haha. If they’re secret you don’t know about them!
  9. How old were you when you last went trick or treating? – I have never been trick or treating.
  10. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? – I have so many but one of them is definitely when people eat loudly or chew with their mouth open. I just cannot deal with either of them haha.
  11. What’s one of your nervous habits? – I play with my hair constantly all the time. I can’t help it. If I am worried or nervous about something I will just play with my hair without even realising.
  12. Do you love or hate roller coasters? – Well when I was younger I used to be petrified of the things but always insisted in my dad taking me on, as you do, to only ever moan the whole way throughout the queue saying I needed a wee or I wanted to leave or I was too scared. I was such a pain. Of course every time my dad would make me stick it out stating we had already gone too far to exit (even though I knew we hadn’t) and I would get off and then want to go back on straight away and do it all over again. Now I love them. Strange how things change!
  13. What’s your favourite fruit? – Easy… Grapes. I love them so much!
  14. Do you keep a diary/journal? – Well I have tried… several times! I always start off so positive and for a few days it goes well and I remember to write in it every single day and then suddenly I just forget and never write in it again. I can’t count how many diaries I have which only have a few pages filled in haha.
  15. What’s a phrase or exclamation that you always say? – Ooo there is say many. I always say “okie dokie” or “in life” or I definitely have a habit of saying “fine” when things aren’t.

That’s all the questions for this blog. I really hoped you enjoyed and answer these questions yourself. If you have any other questions you would like answering leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you. Also, if you would like to see a part two to this series then let me know too and lastly thank you all so very much for reading and I shall see you all very soon! Bye!

Lizzie X

8 thoughts on “Random questions answered!

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Oh that’s so difficult. Erm I really don’t know. The days my younger siblings were born were pretty special and the day my niece was born because we have a really special connection and bond. I don’t know did you mean in terms of achievements or events?? What about you?


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