My Autumn Essentials

Hey guys!

I hope you have all had a lovely week whatever you have been up to. In this blog post today I thought I would share my Autumn essentials since Autumn is fast approaching. Autumn is my favourite season and favourite time of the year. Everything becomes more cosy (but not too cold) the leaves turn beautiful colours and it’s a lovely time to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and watch a movie. I really do love Autumn, if you can’t already tell but lets get into my essentials.

  • Soft, cosy blanket. Nothing beats curling up after a hard day to relax on the sofa curled up under a warm, soft and cosy blanket watching your favourite films.
  • Fluffy socks. I own far too many pairs of these but who doesn’t! Fluffy socks are a must in the colder seasons to keep your feet all cosy and warm. They’re always so soft and warm and I just love fluffy socks. I literally would wear them all the time if I could but unfortunately I can’t.
  • Warm drinks. Again warm drinks are a must in the Autumn. Whether it’s coffee, tea or hot chocolate there’s nothing more perfect than having a lovely warm drink whilst wearing your fluffy socks, tucked under a blanket watching a film. It’s just a lovely night in.
  • Dark/berry toned lipstick. More of a beauty must have here. As the weather gets colder I turn to darker lip shades and for me a beautiful berry toned or dark red lipstick is perfect for the season. I love been able to wear these colours and I always, for whatever reason, feel more adventurous and confident in myself with I wear something a little different.
  • Campfires/bonfires. No other season is more perfect for campfires or bonfires. Obviously they’re lovely in the summer months because it’s still warm in the evening but for me Autumn is the season. I love been out in the brisk, fresh hair wrapped in a scarf and gloves (maybe a hat not usually) sitting and chatting with friends toasting marshmellows and making smores. It such a lovely alternative to be inside and it’s just about warm enough in Autumn whereas it isn’t in the winter haha. Of course bonfires and fireworks. Again just a lovely way to be with everyone, celebrating, eating delicious food enjoying the Autumn evenings.
  • Scarves, hats and gloves. Autumn is definitely the season to bring out the scarves, gloves and hats. It’s nice to wrap up warm and go out and enjoy the fresh air and the leaves falling. I really think it’s the perfect time of year to go on hikes and walks around lakes and park and I do try and spend as much time out as a possible.
  • A pair of boots! These for me are a definite must. My preference is ugg boots because they’re so soft and warm and incredibly comfortable but I also love Chelsea boots. It’s just so easy to pair some boots with some black, high waisted skinny jeans, a jumper, long coat and a scarf. That is literally my go to outfit in the Autumn and same for the winter really just with a few more layers.

I hope you have found this useful and enjoyed reading. Let me know what your Autumn essentials are in the comments and thank you all so very much for reading and I will see you really soon!

Lizzie X


21 thoughts on “My Autumn Essentials

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Oh my gosh I know. I love all the pumpkin decorations that come out ready for Halloween and yeah scarves definitely!


  1. Vickie Pearlz says:

    The fluffy socks are definitely my favourites! I wear them all the time. Some people think I’m weird for always wearing a socks but who cares? I certainly don’t. Nice post anyway. Keep the good job up.


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