London: Day 4


Welcome back everyone.I hope you have all had alovely day.evening and today I share day 4 of my trip to London with you all.

We had another lovely day and again the weather was really warm and lovely.First place we visited was Westminster Abbey. For obvious reasons we wasn’t allowed to photograph inside but it was really beautiful inside. I didn’t realise how many people were buried there. There was so many influential people ranging from writers, poets, prime ministers to of course monarchs. Me and my boyfriend whilst there lit a candle in remembrance of someone special to each of us who has passed away. I did enjoy our little tour of Westminster Abbey and it was interesting to see inside and all the history behind the place and the people buried there.

The next place we visited was Churchill’s War rooms. I had heard good reviews about these from friends who had been and so I was looking forward to going. It was fascinating to learn so much about the war, Winston Churchill himself and about the rooms which were kept a secret the whole of the war and where the prime minister worked. I especially enjoyed the museum section which was filled with lots of information about the Churchill and his life. There was a really cool, interactive timeline to tell you information from a specific year and month and lots of videos to watch too. It was nice walking around the war rooms and seeing how things were set up. I would definitely recommend visiting here if you get chance to and make sure you get an audio guide too because they have lots of good information about all the rooms and what they were used for.

After that we had some lunch at Leicester Square and a wander around there and then headed to the British Museum. This place was absolutely massive, bigger than I ever thought. To say me and boyfriend love history and are really interested this wasn’t our favourite place to visit. The downsides for me were that it was really warm everywhere and there was no air conditioning anywhere and also the layout was quite confusing. I didn’t really understand how it was set up. Other than it was a nice place to walk around and if you are interested in history then definitely give this place a visit.

After four very full days of sightseeing and walking, after going to the shops to purchase gifts we relaxed with a game of bowling and watching a film at a cinema in Mayfair. After another full day and great evening of lots of fun, we headed back to the hotel!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed. Tomorrow I share my final day in London with you all and then I am back to my usual type blog posts. I will see you really soon!


Westminster Abbey



Churchill War Rooms


Churchill’s medals


Original 10 downing street door


British museum

Lizzie X


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