London: Day 3


I hope you enjoyed my little bonus blog post earlier and I am very thankful for the nomination for the award! Today I am going to share with you what I did on day 3 whilst I was in London. Again I was so excited for this day because I had wanted to go to this certain place for the longest time and so I am super excited to share this with you!

So the first place we went to and the place I was so excited to go and visit was Wimbledon! I love tennis and watching it and every year I especially make sure I sit down and watch Wimbledon. I always hoped that one day I would get to go. Although I have not been to see a game yet (I still plan to even more now) I was so excited to visit and get a tour of the courts and ground and go on centre court.  The weather was gorgeous although it perhaps was a bit too warm haha but the courts were lovely and I loved going into centre court. I have seen it o the television so much and always hoped to go one day and been on centre court was a great feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning. After the tour around the grounds, there was a museum to walk around explaining the history of tennis and Wimbledon and too was really interesting and I did really enjoy the day!

After we had finished around the Museum we stopped at a little restaurant called Franco Manca and if you get the chance I would definitely recommend you going there to eat.The pizzas are incredible and the are really well priced, I believe they were around £6. So definitely give them a try if you are ever near one because they were seriously so nice!

Next, we just got back on the tube towards the centre of London because Wimbledon was further out of the way.  In the afternoon we decided to go to the London Zoo, although by this point we wee very tired from the previous couple of days and the weather. I love hot weather but because we don’t normally have it at 34 degrees nowhere was air conditioned so everywhere was really stuffy and warm. Despite this I did enjoy the Zoo and I had actually never been to a zoo before so I was excited. I did enjoy it and liked seeing the penguins, tigers, lions and gorillas etc but really didn’t enjoy the snakes and reptiles but went in for my boyfriend although I am pretty sure I almost broke his hand by holding on so tight. Either way I was quite proud of myself for not skipping that section and facing my fears of snakes. By the end of the zoo we had quite a journey back and was exhausted so just by the shop to pick up some breakfast and headed back to the hotel for some sleep!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my third day in London. I had a fantastic time and really was so happy to go to Wimbledon and experience a zoo for the first time. Thank you so very much for reading and I will see you really soon!


Lizzie! X

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