Packing for vacation – All the essentials!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Since I have spent the majority of the day packing everything ready for my trip to London, I thought I would share a few of my tips/hacks and essentials I take with you. I’m not going abroad and only going for a week so I obviously don’t need a lot of things but I still thought I would share how I get ready to pack for a vacation.

First thing I like to do, is really simple and I know a lot of people don’t bother with, but for me it really helps, is just to make a ‘packing list’ with all the items I would like to take on vacation. This way I don’t forget anything and it also make sure I have washed everything ready for the trip or ensures I don’t end up wearing the clothes a couple of days before I go and then not have time to wash them haha.

Next thing I like to do is roll my clothes. It saves so much space and makes things a lot easier to pack and it looks tidier too but also it just helps prevents your clothes from creasing so much, especially with fancy dresses etc.

Another thing I like to do with all my cables and chargers is get an empty pencil case or sunglasses case and just wrap them up and place them in there. This way it just prevents all the cables from getting tangled and therefore you spending like 50 hours (okay exaggeration.. but not by much) detangling everything.

When I am deciding what items of clothes to pack, I tend to go for very simplistic pieces where I can use and pair with lots of different items. This way it saves so much space in your case because you don’t have to take a lot of different items and match everything up. I also tend to pack neutral colour shoes, so I can just put them on with everything and not have to worry about whether they go with what I am wearing.

For toiletries I like to try and have a pre-packed toiletries bag full of everything I want to take with me. However, this doesn’t always happen but I just find if I do this before travelling I don’t forget anything and I also save myself so much time. I also try and take as many sample/travel sizes as possible just to save space and also there isn’t really a need to take full size products when you are travelling as you probably won’t use them and so that’s just carrying extra weight and taking up extra space unnecessarily.

For hair I tend to only take one hair appliance with me because it saves so much space. Usually it is my curling wand but sometimes I do opt for straighteners. Most hotels tend to have hair dryers in the rooms so I personally wouldn’t bother messing around taking one of them as it just takes up unnecessary space.

An essential no matter where I am going, abroad or staying in the UK, is a camera. I must always have a camera with me. I always want to take pictures of where have been so I can document it and look back months or even years later at the memories and what I did or saw on that holiday.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my short guide to a few packing tips and essentials. Let me know what your best packing tip/hack/essential is in the comments down below or where you have been or are going to on vacation. Thank you so very much and I will see you really soon!

Lizzie X


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