Results day!!


Welcome back to my blog. Today I just have a short post about my results day! The apprehension for the arrival of results has been insane and although I wasn’t as stressed as most I still cared and wanted to do well. I had got an unconditional from uni so I know I was very lucky and I didn’t have to stress and worry in that sense but I still wanted to do well to prove to myself that I could do and for me my results still very much mattered.

I definitely was worried about what I would get but I knew at the end of the day that I had tried my very best and there wasn’t anything else I could have done. Despite having a really tough year I managed to study hard and revise content for the exams and that’s what mattered.

The examination period was tough and I definitely messed up on a few exams but that’s life and it happens. You can’t do perfectly and amazing on every single exam you take, sometimes you are going to have bad days. Luckily for me I knew I had done really well last year and I had those results to fall back on so that was such a lovely stress relief.

When I actually got my results I didn’t want to open them haha… I didn’t want to know what was inside the envelope. However, I am very glad I did and very proud of the results I achieved. I know now that all my hard work has paid off and has been worth it and although they may not be the best I have Β a set of results that I am proud of. I know it was hard getting to where I am but it just goes to show hard work, dedication and time goes a long way!

I really am thrilled with my results and look forward to starting the next chapter in my life. It’s going to be a very scary but exciting time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Also a huge congratulations to everyone else who received their results today. I am super proud of you all because I know how hard the exam periods are and all the hard work you must of put in to progress onto the next stage in your life, wherever that is that you have decided to go or do. Well done!!

Thank you so very much for reading and I will catch you all really soon!!

Lizzie X

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