Favourite drugstore brand and clothing store? – A few beauty questions answered!


Welcome back! Today I have a quick post answering a few more beauty related questions. I always find it so intriguing to read find out other people’s preferences and their opinions on certain things so I just thought this would be a fun little post to do. So lets get on into the questions!

  • Favourite drugstore brand? – For this one I am not really sure because I use so many different drugstore brands and love different products by them all. However, a brand I consistently use and buy new products from are by L’oreal. I love the quality of L’oreal products and get along with them really well and they are very well priced.
  • Favourite hairstyle for the fall? – Half up, half down style. To be honest I love wearing these all year round and are pretty much my go to hairstyle if I don’t know what to do with my hair!
  • Your natural hair color? – Blonde
  • Everyday makeup look? – Simple and fresh. I tend to wear a champagne colour eyeshadow with a thin line of eyeliner and mascara. Concealer, powder and a bit of contour and highlight for the face with a nude lip.
  • Favourite store to shop at? – Currently H&M. I have been loving the variety of clothes they have to offer and they have some really lovely and cute items and really inexpensive but the quality is amazing.
  • Do you like long or short hair better? – I like both. For the longest time I use to have my hair so long that it would touch my hips but then I cut it quite short and although I loved my long hair and all the different styles I could do, for manageability I definitely prefer my hair shorter (to be honest it’s still quite long -just short for me haha).
  • When did you start wearing makeup? – When I was around 14 I started wearing some clear mascara and then just before I turned 16 I started wearing black mascara and BB cream. Over the past year in particular I have been wearing more makeup and growing my collection.
  • Do you get your hair done at a salon or do you dye it yourself? I have never had my hair dyed haha but if I was too I would go to the salon and get it professionally done only because I would mess it up!

Thank you so much for reading and I really hoped you have enjoyed! Please feel free to answer these questions over on your blog and tag me so I can read all of your answers! Also, now I have more than 600 of you following my blog (I know so crazy) I really would like to do a Q&A post so all my followers can get to know me a little bit more so please leave any questions in the comments below and I can answer them in my Q&A post. Lastly, I really want to start posting more on my YouTube channel so if you have any video suggestions or requests then please leave me some I would be so appreciative. I really woul be veer so grateful! Anyways I think I have rambled enough so thank you so very much and I will see you all really soon!

Lizzie X


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