Vacation at last!


Sorry I haven’t got around to making a post today I have been super busy with work and sorting out other personal issues. My day has been so super crazy and I haven’t had a moment to sit down.

Due to everything that has been happening recently I have decided to take a week out to go away camping with my friend and I cannot wait to get away from everything! This does mean I will be taking a short break from blogging just to relax and enjoy myself.I will be returning in a week with daily posts. Some most definitely will be of my camping trip but just back to my usual beauty and lifestyle related posts.

I’m sorry I won’t  be blogging although ifIi get chance I will reply to comments and maybe get a blog post up if I can but for the most part I just want to enjoy my week camping with my friend and taking my mind off things which are happening.

I will be seeing you all shortly and I wish you all well and I am so thankful for all your continued support and help. It really does mean a lot and I am so appreciative. See you soon everyone!!

Lizzie X

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