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Hello everyone!

Welcome bac! How are you all doing? I really hope you are having a lovely day/evening! Today I am going to do another tag post. I personally love reading these and find them really fun and interesting. I have seen this floating around recently a few times and so thought I would do my own version and answer the questions. So let’s get on with the questions!

  • What products do you keep buying more of despite having plenty of in your collection? – Thi is a toss up between lip products and mascaras. These are both my two favourite makeup products and I love trying new colours out in lipsticks and trying different mascaras I have way too many of both so I really couldn’t pick between the two!
  • What’s the one product you can’t live without? – Mascara. It was the first makeup product I ever used (besides lip gloss and lip balm) and for me it makes such a difference and opens up my eyes and really makes me look awake and fresh.
  • Favourite high end brand? – Again very difficult. It would be between Too Faced and Chanel. I love both these brands and the products they make. I probably use me Too Faced on more of a daily basis though.
  • How big is your makeup collection? – No that big. I didn’t start wearing makeup until 3 years ago and then it was only mascara and some sort of lip product (I use to be quite the tomboy when I was younger). It’s only recently that I have started building a collection.
  • How do you store your makeup? – I have a little basket which my makeup brushes stand up in and then a box which all my face products go in. For the rest I have makeup bags and they are sorted into different bags depending on the product. For example I have one with mascaras in and one with lip products etc..
  • How many makeup items do you have in your bag at the moment?- None actually. I have been poorly recently so I haven’t left the house and because of that I emptied my makeup bag.
  • If you could raid another blogger’s collection, who would it be? – It would probably be some ons like Tanya Burr, Aspyn Ovard or Zoella. It would be really cool to look through all the products they own and use!
  • How long does your makeup routine take and how many products do you use? – On a daily basis I tend to do a full face of makeup just really natural and light and probably use around 11 products taking me about 20 minutes in total. The only difference for when I go out for a special occasion or event is that I will apply foundation, intensify the look by using a dark eyeshadow colour or lip colour and make sure I have coverage which probably takes me 30 minutes. So I really don’t spend that long on my makeup.
  • Have you ever purchased makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it? – No I am careful about not doing this. I don’t like to waste my money and so only buy products which I definitely love or have done research for. I always buy products with the intentions of using it.

Thanks so much for reading! I really hoped you enjoyed and don’t forget to do this tag too. Be sure to let me know once you have so I can read all your answers too! I will see you tomorrow!

Lizzie X


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