July Favourites

Hello everyone!

Where has July gone? It has come and gone by so quick. However, with the start of a new month comes a new ‘favourites’ post for the previous month so today I am going to share all my favourite from the month of July. This just includes all the products I used daily and enjoyed using.

  1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – This goes without saying I think! You all know how much I rave about Too Faced and I really do love this eyeshadow palette so much. I have been reaching for it daily and is so versatile and can create so many different looks. Definitely a must for me. I think this perhaps might have been in my last favourites. Love it so much!
  2. Game of Thrones book – With lots of stressful things happening and also wit me being poorly I have just really enjoyed reading in my spare time as a distraction and of course there is no better book series to enjoy except maybe Harry Potter, I’m not sure between the two haha!
  3. Mason Jar drinking Cup – This was super inexpensive, in fact it cost me 69 pence! I only brought it towards the end of the month so that will also be featuring in my haul which is coming soon but I have been loving having my drink in this. So summery and cool and it looks totally instagram worthy, especially if you  add some fruit to your water like lemon. Really nice and refreshing on warm summer days with great benefits for you too!
  4. Benefit Roller Lash mascara – Since I have been really quite poorly recently and just starting the recovery process now, I haven’t felt like putting on much makeup to go out with at all. The Roller Lash mascara has been seriously been a necessity in this situation. Other than mascara I have not been wearing any other eye makeup and although I do have long eyelashes generally this mascara has really helped lift them and make them look even longer and opened up my eyes to try and make me look better than what I feel. I do love how this mascara looks at my lashes.
  5. Elegant Touch False nails – Again probably no surprise as I have raved about these too but I have loved them. They wear and last so long.I was so impressed. They look lovely on as well and has just made my nails far less maintenance which is what I really needed. Definitely would recommend these!
  6. Guess flip flops – With the summer getting warmer I love just wearing sandals and these are my go to. Simple and white they are easy to pair with anything and are super comfortable. Just been wearing them pretty much most days if I have left the house.
  7. Nivea face cream wash – Again quite a new purchase towards the end of the month but it has over taken my ever so loved Neutrogena face wash.I love how creamy and smooth this. It feels lovely on the skin and is really soft and gentle so if you have sensitive skin definitely give this a try! Just is a lovely face wash and leave your skin feeling super soft and clean!
  8. Secret Nation – I have loved listening to music by Secret Nation this month. I have found it really relaxing and soothing and do really like the music. They make me feel a lot happier and has featured heavily on my playlist this month!

Thanks so much for reading everyone! I really hope you had a great month in July and be sure to let me know what you loved throughout the month and I will see you tomorrow! Bye!

Lizzie X

10 thoughts on “July Favourites

    • Lizzie Grace says:

      Yeah I really do like them and get on with them well. The ‘They’re Real’ can be a clumpy so be careful to avoid that though. Other than that they are great mascaras and thank you x


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