Sunglasses Collection


How are you all doing? Summer is such a lovely time of year and I really do enjoy been out in the sun, enjoying the warmth and the outdoors too. However, with the Sun out it is important to protect our eyes and a pair of sunglasses goes a long way! Unfortunately for us here in the UK, the days where we can wear sunglasses are very limited. The weather did get really lovely and warm at one point but now we have suddenly returned to the doom and gloom of rainy days. Anyway I thought I would just do a little blog post showing my sunglasses collection hopefully giving some inspiration as to what is currently out in the stores and if you are going somewhere nice and sunny this year or, if by some sort of miracle, the weather becomes warmer in the UK then we are all prepared.

My sunglasses collection is definitely not huge by any means. I have 4 pairs which some people would say is 3 pairs too many haha! I do like sunglasses I just don’t really wear them often so they aren’t something I will go out and purchase. In my sunglasses collection I do own two pairs which are designer which I received as gifts and 2 pairs which are both from Marks and Spencers which, for those of you who haven’t heard of them before, they sell a variety of items from clothing to accessories, to furniture and even food.

The two pairs I own from Marks and Spencer are definitely a lot more affordable and I don’t dislike any less from the designer ones. For me, they are brilliant quality and still really beautiful. They fit really nice too which I sometimes find hard because I have quite a small head. Honestly, I have no complaints or concerns with these glasses and tend to wear these on a daily basis, if it is sunny, and I am running errands or going on country walks. These two pairs are my go to sunglasses.

marksandspencer collage

The next pair I own are a pair of Ralph Lauren so these are more expensive. These are probably the ones I wear not because I don’t like them, because I do, it’s just I prefer the shape of the other sunglasses I own. Nevertheless these are really simple and really easy to wear with anything so that’s definitely a positive. Again these fit brilliantly on my small head and the quality of course is brilliant, which I wouldn’t expect any less to be honest.A great pair of sunglasses and if you do have that extra money then they are worth spending on to get a nice pair.

ralph lauren sunglasses.jpg

My favourite pair, in this case, do happen to be the most expensive. I just love my Gucci sunglasses so much. I thin they’re so much fun with the different shaped lens,colours and design. There just so unique and I really like that. I like things that are different. I do wear these the most generally and will wear them when I am going somewhere more special or out for the day or if I am going on holiday. They are such good quality and such a lovely pair of sunglasses which also fit nicely. They are unfortunately very expensive.

gucci collage.jpg

Thank you so much for reading and I hoped you have enjoyed this post. I wanted to do something a little different. I know designer sunglasses are expensive and in my opinion I think there are some really lovely and great quality sunglasses for a much cheaper price. Let me know if you know any good places to pick up some nice sunglasses and I will see you tomorrow!

Lizzie X

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