A day in my Life


Welcome back to my blog! Today I have ‘A day in my life’ post for you. Since I finished sixth form just over a month ago I have had chance just to relax and do lots of different things, so I thought I would share one of my days with you and let you know what I have be up to.

On this particular day, it was quite warm (31 degrees) so I decided to go to Clumber Park. I don’t live particularly that far from Clumber Park, however, I had still never been before.

The day was so lovely and I had a lovely time. The walk around the lake was so long and took absolutely ages but it really nice and picturesque.The weather was gorgeous although at times it was really far too warm to be hiking haha!

We (if you’re wondering I went with my boyfriend haha!) also had a lovely picnic by the lake and it was such a nice relaxing day in the sunshine. There are also many other walks you can go on but we just stuck to the main walk around the lake, or you can even take bikes and ride around which I think I will definitely do in the future.

Also there are lots of little cafes, restaurants and shops to have a drink and something to eat. I just love having picnics. It is also a wonderful family day out. It has play grounds and a park for the children and would just be a lovely family hike around the water.

I thoroughly enjoyed by day out and will go again soon! After all the hiking and sun I was so tired after haha.

PicMonkey Collage fi

I really hope you enjoyed my short post following a day in my life. Before I went to Clumber park I did just run some errands in the morning and go picnic food shopping. Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you would like to see more posts daily of what I have been up to or even vlogs as I have thought about doing this and would really like to give it go.Anyway see you tomorrow guys!

Lizzie X

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