New Video!!

Hi guys!!

Just a quick, short post to say I have a new video on my channel. This time I have uploaded a montage of all my pictures from my visit to Auschwitz. This is not a typical video but one I  feel very strongly about. I cannot emphasise the importance of understanding the Holocaust and what happened or what it was really like because it was truly horrifying.

I really would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to have a watch of the video and have a look at what I saw and what the places where 6 million people were murdered were really like. It really is completely different to how you even imagine it to be, in fact you just can’t even come close to imagining. It has photos from all the places I visited including: The Jewish Cemetery in Oświęcim, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau.

Sharing my experience and helping to educate people about events such like this, I am so passionate about. I really despise when you hear about all the hatred in the world and all the attacks. There’s been a Munich shopping centre shooting today with many dead and it just deeply saddens me that this all goes on in the world where we live together. I really am so passionate about helping the victims of the Holocaust to to be remebered in a way they should be and not as a number but as the individual they were and the life they had before such a harrowing event took their lives.

Also if you would like a follow video about me sitting down and chatting you through my whole experiences from the seminars to actually been there and how I found everything then leave me a comment and I will definitely do that because it is so important. Also I have done a blog post prior to this speaking briefly about everything so you can read that here, if you like!

I really do thank you so much for your support and appreciate everything! Really thank you everyone! See you soon.

Lizzie X

P.S. i’m sorry it doesn’t have sound, I don’t know how to without copyrighting which I obviously don’t want to do. So any tips would be very much appreciated!!

7 thoughts on “New Video!!

  1. Ellie says:

    Apparently, I read in another YouTube video..if you don’t play the whole song you won’t get copyrighted. But I’m not entirely sure. Maybe do some research? Ellie x

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