Eye makeup look of the day

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all having a lovely day/evening and today I have an eye makeup tutorial. This eye makeup look is really simple and easy to achieve. I hope you all enjoy.

For this makeup look I used eyeshadow palettes: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, however, you can use any eyeshadows which are of similar colour to what I used. For eyeliner I used the 24 hour felt liner by Collection in black and then to finish it off curled my eyelashes and added a coat of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara.

The first thing I did was just prime my eyelids with the Benefit Stay, Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer. After that I applied some Milk chocolate to my crease area and followed this by adding some Strawberry Bon Bon to my lid. I then took a fluffy blending brush and just blended these two together to remove any harsh lines. After I took a flat brush and just packed on some Buzz all over my lid. Again I took a fluffy blending brush to blend this altogether making sure I was blending outwards. I then kept adding Buzz across my lid and some Milk Chocolate to my crease and blending until I was happy with the intensity of the look. To finish the eye shadow look I took some White Chocolate and applied that to my brow bone for a little bit of highlight. Eyeshadow was complete!

eyeshadow collage

From left to right: Milk Chocolate (Chocolate Bar palette); Strawberry Bon Bon (Chocolate Bar palette); Buzz (Urban Decay Naked 3 palette); and White Chocolate (Chocolate Bar palette)

I think just took my eyeliner and drew a very thin line as close to my lash line as possible to define my eyes. After that is was time to curl my lashes and apply some mascara. I curled my lashes and then added a coat of the Benefit They’re Real mascara to my top lashes and that was the eye makeup completed.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this makeup look. Let me know if you have any other looks you would like to see me do a tutorial on and I will see you tomorrow! Byeeeee!!

Lizzie X


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