Simple Summer Messy Bun Tutorial


I hope you are all doing well and having a lovely day/evening. Today I have a quick hair tutorial for my 30 second messy bun. Since the weather has got nice in the UK these past couple of days I have been living with my hair up in a messy bun. I don’t like to have hair around my face usually anyway but even more so in summer!

My messy bun is super simple and take no time at all. It takes me about 0 seconds each day to do! It can work in different positions and I will always do this same messy bun just either move it on top of my head of lower down depending on how I am feeling. Sine the weather was warm I didn’t want it on my neck but because I was going out for the day and my hair is quite thicker I opted to not have it higher up as it tends to weigh down.

First thing is to mention I tend to do this hairstyle of second.third day hair because the texture of my hair helps keep it in place, however, on freshly washed hair I will just add a bit of product like dry shampoo to add some texture and hold to my hair.

All I used for this hairstyle was a hair tie, three bobby pins (that depends on hold and thickness of your hair) and a hair brush just to brush my hair through first. After brushing my hair I gathered all my hair up into my hand where i wanted my bun to go and then wrapped the hair tie around my hair forming a pony tail. On the third time I pulled my hair 3/4 of the way through, then flipped my wrist and secured it finally with the fourth time. I then fanned out my bun and played around with my hair until I had the desired bun shape. Finally I pinned any lose pieces with a few bobby pins to ensure a secure hold for all day. (At this point you can optionally use a spritz of hairspray as well to help maintain hold I personally, don’t need it though). That’s it! That’s how I create my messy buns. I also tend to pull out a few pieces of hair at the front of my face to just frame my face other than that I am good to go.

I love a messy bun. There so simple and quick to do They are definitely perfect for summer and keeping your hair up and out of your face and your neck cool. I find them just so easy to wear and you can definitely dress them up or down depending.

messy bun fi

Thank you s much for reading and I hope you liked this mini hair tutorial. Let me know if you want me to see me do more hair tutorials in the future or even film a few hair tutorials for my channel. Thank you for all your support and I will see you tomorrow!

Lizzie X

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