Milestone 1!

Hi guys,

I know I already posted today but I really needed to write a post to state my appreciation for all of you who follow my blog; read my blog and for those who comment on and like my posts.

I have just hit my first milestone today and now have more than 50 of you following my blog and for me that’s crazy! I really do want to thank you all for the support you give, your comments and likes always cheer me and make me smile when I am having a bad day or a down moment. It’s lovely to know I have support from all of you!

I just hope this continues to grow and I look forward to the future and the future of this blog and writing posts for you everyday to read and enjoy.

Hitting my first milestone was a little reminder to me of how far I have come. I haven’t always found things easy and not always had confidence.I put off writing blogs posts for a while. With this in my mind I decided to write an article on my trending stories about self-respect, confidence and never giving up because that’s really what has got me here. I’ll link this article below if you want to have a little read!

Again thank you so much for all your amazing support and I am super happy and proud of this moment and can’t wait to see what the future holds for my blog. Until tomorrow guys! Bye!! Love you all!

Lizzie X

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