Exciting News!

Two posts in one day Lizzie! I know but I just really wanted to share this announcement and news with you guys!

Finally after months and months of deliberation I have made my very own YouTube channel!! I’m super excited about this. I’ve been wanting to make a channel for ages and actually created one a while ago but I was always too scared to make and create any videos out of fear of what people would say about it. Stupid – I know right!

However, after writing a blog post called “What’s you motivation?” for Mytrendingsotires, which I have now posted on my here too, it just inspired me to go for it and to give it try because otherwise I would always be wondering what if or be at myself for not pushing myself and going out of my comfort zone. I was writing to tell other people to follow their goals and dreams, yet I was sat on bed not following mine.

This is a huge deal for me and I am super excited about it and also super excited to share with you guys! I hope I continue to make videos and have as much fun filming all my videos as I did filming this one because some of the bloopers are hilarious.

It would mean so much to me if you would pop over to my channel and say hello. I was so super scared to upload and make a video and I know it’s not the best and not the best quality or got the best editing but everyone has to start somewhere right?

Lastly thank you to all of you who read my blog. It means so much for me and all your support and comments are always so nice and uplifting. Be feel free to give me advice or give me videos suggestions as I am welcome to all ideas. Thank you!!

Lizzie X

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