Easy Hair Hacks

Hi Guys,

Today’s post is another life hacks post for you. I love little hacks which make day-to-day things just that little bit easier! The ones I am sharing with you today are for your hair. Now if you’re ever anything like me, when it comes to your hair I am so lazy and yet still really want my hair to look good everyday (Who doesn’t?!). Hopefully these few little tips and trick will help you do your hair a little less effortlessly.

  1. Frizzy hair – None of us like having frizzy hair it’s just a complete pain.  I suffer terribly from frizzy hair especially in high humidity. A little trick I have learnt is to rub dryer sheets over your hair. This not only removes all the static from your hair but also leaves your hair smelling good. Win win haha!!
  2. Drying your hair – Another little hack I have learnt for those days when I blow dry my hair is that at the end when my hair is dry that if I use the cool setting on my hair it helps lock that style into place and also reduces frizz in your hair.
  3. Bobby pins – If you spray your bobby pins with a little hairspray, this helps them grip to your hair more and helps hold your style in longer without all of your bobby pins falling out onto the floors. This is perhaps why I always end up losing like a trillion of these!
  4. Volume – This is a little trick for those days when your hair is feeling a little limp and lacking volume. Simply put some hair mousse into your hair and give it a quick dry with a blow dryer. It’s that simple. Your hair now has a tonne of volume and is looking good.
  5. Baby hairs – These must be the most irritating thing! Whether you put your hair up or part your hair they just stick up everywhere. No longer though!  A way to combat this is by putting a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush you haven’t used and aren’t going to use and then use these on your baby hairs. This lets the baby hairs lie flat on your head. Problem solved!
  6. Dry shampoo – We all know this is a savior for second and third day when we just can’t be bothered to wash our hair but to get the most out of using dry shampoo put it on your roots the night before and this gives the dry shampoo time to absorb the oils in your hair and do its job. In the morning you can then give your hair a 30 second blow dry and all the remaining dry shampoo comes out. If you don’t have time to do this in the evening then just apply your dry shampoo first thing in the morning when you wake up and whilst you’re busy getting ready and doing your makeup you have gave the dry shampoo time to absorb all the oils.
  7. Freshly washed hair cheat – If you’re running really late one morning and don’t have any dry shampoo for your second/third day hair simply part off the front section of your hair and just wash that small section and dry that instead. Now you look like you have washed your all your hair when really you washed the front portion.
  8.  Longer/thicker ponytail – I am sure you have all seen this one around on the internet but we all want that long, thick ponytail look. To help create this, section your hair  into two section horizontally across your  head and make the first ponytail where you normally wear your ponytail. Then make a second ponytail with the rest of your hair slightly below the one you have just made and this creates the length to your ponytail.  To cover up the fact you have two ponytails, slightly back comb the top ponytail so it falls and covers the bottom ponytail.

Thanks so much reading everyone. I hope these hacks help you out and make doing your hair a little bit easier! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see videos of me doing hair tutorials, hair hacks or makeup routines or any other ideas you have! I am definitely interested in starting a YouTube channel and wonder what your opinions are! Also if you know any other good hair hacks then let me know in the comments. I am always on the look out for new hacks to make styling my hair easier. See you in the next one!

Lizzie X


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