June Favourites



WOW! June has come and gone already. Where is the time going this year? Anyway, today I thought I would share with you guys all the things that I have been loving throughout the month of June!

Game Of Thrones – I’m sure this isn’t a surprise as many of you will have heard people rave about Game Of Thrones plenty! The first 5 seasons were already out and I had never really been bothered about watching it. My boyfriend, however, suggested that I would watch it and see what I thought to it, as he loved it. I watched the first episode with the attention of never watching it again. But… That never seemed to happen. I got hooked and pretty much binged watch all 5 seasons to catch up ready for the season 6 debut in April of this year. I’m not going to ruin any of the plot for you in case any of you want to go and watch it but if you don’t have a clue what TV series I am talking about, then it is an American fantasy drama based on an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. Season 6’s finale was absolutely incredible and I cannot wait until April of next year to see what develops in season 7!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – I love, love, love this palette! I brought it at the beginning of the month with quite high expectation as I had heard people rave about the Too Faced makeup range. You all know how much I love my Naked palette by Urban Decay but this month I think I could have possibly found a new favourite. I have being reaching for this so much, pretty much daily. The quality and colour pigment is insane and matches that of the Naked Palette. The colours are very intense and so easy to blend and I have just really enjoyed using this everyday to do my makeup with. My favourite shades that I have been using are: Marzipan; Haute chocolate; Amaretto and Semi-Sweet. This palette is definitely worth the money you pay for it. I would definitely recommend trying.

Sally Hansen nail varnishes – One thing about me I always need to have my nails painted. I hate not having them done. However, I am quite lazy and so don’t tend to do my gel nails because they take a while to do and also then they last between 2-6 weeks so I like painting them so I can change the colour of them regularly. I recently have picked up three of these Sally Hansen nail varnishes in the shades: 440 Calypso Blue; 230 Jolly Jade and 409 Good to Grape. These are perfect summer colours and look so beautiful on. You only need to apply 1-2 coats and so it dries super quick. I’m normally able to continue doing things after 10 minutes. The brush is really wide and so one stroke pretty much covers your whole nail. What can I say? Just really been loving using these to paint my nails with.

Elizabeth Arden lipstick – My Last beauty favourite of the month is this Elizabeth Arden lipstick. I picked this lipstick up in the shade 22-Bronzeberry. It’s such a beautiful product- very moisturising and long lasting. It lasts all day even after eating and drinking and the colour is INSANE. I love the colour and it’s very pigmented. Nothing but great words to say about this product. I have enjoyed using it daily to finish of my makeup look with and for me they are definitely worth the price you pay because they are expensive, but definitely recommend trying them.

Black and white cropped t-shirt (H&M) – My next favourite is a fashion favourite! It’s a black and white striped t-shirt which is slightly cropped and from H&M. I have been loving pairing this t-shirt with a pair of black, skinny, high-waisted jeans with some sandals if it has been warm and sunny and some black converse when the weather hasn’t been so good.  It’s the perfect length for me. I’m quite short (5ft5) and so the fact its slightly cropped when wearing with some high waisted jeans has made my frame appear taller which I like. It’s super comfy and very versatile. Also it is super inexpensive and cost me £3.99. Really enjoyed wearing this top!

Cream dress (H&M) – My next fashion favourite is again from H&M (in fact they all are haha). It’s a cream dress, skater style that comes just above the knee. It has half length sleeves that just stop before your elbow and a really cute detailing across the chest area. I have been looking for this style of dress for ages and what I like about the ties is that you can tie it to then be as revealing as you want it to be. It’s very flattering as it cinches in at the waist and flares out and so really enhances your curves. I have been pairing this with a pair heels and wearing for going out to dinners or parties. Again this dress was super inexpensive and cost me just £7.Very comfortable and simple and just been loving it.

Tan handbag (H&M) – Of course my last fashion favourite is from H&M too. It’s this tan handbag. I have been using pretty much everyday. It’s the perfect size to fit your keys, purse and phone inside but also means I cannot take too much with me especially off stuff I don’t need haha! It’s not too small though either and is just really simple and plain that can go with any outfit. I really like this bag. I don’t know how much it was as I got it as a birthday present earlier this year in April but have been loving this handbag and using it this month now I have finished my exams and enjoying summer.

Friends – Friends has been an all time favourite of mine since forever..I cannot remember. This month now I have timed to relax, I have been able to rekindle my love for Friends and have enjoyed watching them every night before I have gone to sleep. They are super funny and never fail to make me laugh or smile. It’s a brilliant television series that I highly recommend you all watch.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed finding out what I have been loving in the month of June. Let me know in the comments what you have been loving this month ans also if in future posts you would like me to try on the items so you know what they look like on.

See you in the next one,

Lizzie X



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